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Gotta spread the word; religion is bullexcrement. Don't buy into that crap, get behind the revolution, protect humanity from the zealots.

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Hi, I noticed that you seem to have made a quite-disliked post on the forum. While I agree with your opinion as to the existence of the theists' god, I also agree with the people who found your post aggressive. If you look at the profiles of some people who downrated your post, you'd notice that they aren't theists themselves. So uh, I think it's an indication that your post was unnecessarily hostile. I also saw some of the later replies on your thread and you can see for yourself that indeed, it wasn't religion that caused people to dislike your post, but how you delivered your message.

I think you still have the potential to be a good member on this site. Even though your first post got a rather distasteful reception, the effects of the ratings thereon will expire after a month, and you'd have a clean slate after that. Just remember next time that there isn't really a need to create a forum topic to attack people on belief without using sound reasoning. If you have to attack religion next time, perhaps it would be better if you went straight at the belief itself and use reason, instead of flaming people and swearing.

You may also perhaps be interested in coming over to chat if you want to talk with people there. I heard from some stranger that it's a great way to make friends on here. Don't worry if you're afraid that people will judge you, the chat is normally dead so you'd fit right in!!1 o.o;;

Anyway, I hope that you don't let the reaction from your first post affect you the wrong way. People here don't like your first post, not you. That means you'll be better-received once you make kinder posts. Stay safe, and don't leave your jacket on the table! :D