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For anyone cares, no has to pay any attention to you, or your problems. No one has to help, or try. I'm 15, and I barely know a thing than handy dandy trial and error. I fixed and rebuilt windows with trial and error. if you want to be rude with a very one-sided attitude, fine. But at least have an open eye. Or an open heart.

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As you have deemed it necessary to post a negative opinion here, I shall have to make a statement of my attitude towards today's behaviour of yours as observed by me. It is such that I consider(ed) your approach rather ignorant of the intended recipient, i.e. myself, and rather belittling and blunt at that, noting that I specifically informed you I wasn't liking the way you talked to me.

In short, you spoke in such a tone as if you were lecturing me, which would be fine if that's what I wanted - but I thought I had let you know it wasn't, at some point before the end - and it may also be fine if you'd come up with some specific advice, but all I could hear were general statements that weren't attempting to dig deeper into the issue and yet were posed in such a way as to sound like the ultimate solution. That is not what I looked for.

I must have been pretty blunt in my refusal, of course, but frankly I hoped and counted on you getting the point and changing the style and vague nature of your suggestions or not bothering to offer them any longer at all. I should think that's rather reasonable. After all, I explicitly informed you I didn't desire such treatment as to have my lack of prowess mocked and being looked down upon, which is a concern unrelated to the previously mentioned one(s), but no less important.

It is not my intention to scold you coldly or get into a conflict with you. I don't hold any grudge or blame against you; in my views, it would be petty and against myself. However, please consider making it less prominent when you'd like to show how highly you think of your knowledge and experience and how precious you feel your attention is. It could make people, such as me, to see you as arrogantly putting yourself above them, which obviously doesn't feel nice.

I feel I haven't expressed my thoughts as well as I felt them and wanted to. I understand that misunderstandings might arise from that, yet I suppose some of the ideas were made clear enough - more than usual clear, anyway. Perhaps that will do?

Thank you for having read this! (And yes, it applies to YOU, the reader, as well, not being VaanHope doesn't make you non-eligible for a bit of thanks.)

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I would have given you a specific answer that you would have wanted, but I can't give you one when you don't give out details of the issue, thoroughly. Anyways, I agree. No conflict needed. Perhaps the chat was going to fast with the multiple conversations, that I missed the details. But yes, no conflict. I Hope you resolve your sound issue.

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Raligon 24 United States SanguinePhlegmatic ENTP 792 240C
I love your avatar. It was a really good idea to invert the default fig. I am impressed and things of that nature. I may or may not have wrotified the words after the first sentence to meet the character limit.

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Well, it's simply me being conservative, as listed on that 'Ten Words' thing of mine. In case you didn't know, since it's not clear from your comment whether you do or not, this is the 'Old Fig' avatar, which used to be the default one before the major site update in spring of 2010, if i remember correctly, as opposed to the 'New Fig' avatar that was then introduced and has been default ever since. Thus, I got this avatar automatically when I registered (in Aug 2008) - and I found it rather pleasant, so I never felt the need to look for a new avatar; I am not the type of person who would not rest until they find (or draw themself) the avatar that 'expresses them best', or the type who use avatars to indicate their current state of being and as such would regularly switch between avatars depending on how they feel at the time. In fact, since this avatar is fully appealing to me aesthetically, the sentiment it expresses does pertain to me. Given that I always* was and now am the only active and known Fig member to use this avatar, it is unique despite having once been default, so there's no identity problem.
(*Even back then when it was default, no-one who was active enough to care stood by it; apparently everyone had in mind some other, better avatar, as in more fitting.)

As for the meaning of the avatar... I like the colour scheme, it is calm and soothing and helps convey the sense of mystery the Fig gives. The glowing Fig, an item of value and power, is in a sack, which is also Fig-shaped. The green lighting serves to avoid the brash transition between black and grey-ish, and is pleasant for the eye. The thin green circumference symbolises the Fig element (rather than just the Fig itself). Overall, it is calm and soothing while being mysterious, precious and sacred. I like the theme.
I do remember you being quite an oldfig, though, so you probably knew it all before. Anyway, thanks for expressing positive sentiment; this is always welcome, obviously. Bless you.

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Raligon 24 United States SanguinePhlegmatic ENTP 792 240C
Since you remember me, that means I probably was around. I was more of a lurker until this site came out, so I'm rather unsure of exact dates of things.

I don't have what's called a "mental eye," so I can't visualize anything in my head. Physical appearances of things are easily forgotten. So even if I was around when it existed, I easily could have forgotten about it. I really just assumed you were being clever by inverting the default.

I'm also not really the artistically expressive type. Partially because of the mental eye thing and partially because art often required the use of scissors. I am left handed, and no one realized that using right handed scissors would make cutting things ridiculously hard for me. No one understood why something that's supposed to be really simple was incredibly difficult for me, so, in summary, I had a lot of negative feelings about art from an early age. I find artistic expression interesting, but I can't really comment on it from an intellectual point of view. I'm also usually more happy and upbeat. Talking about my issues is sort of something that's hard to be upbeat and happy about....

Anyway, what I find neat is that now, after writing all of the stuff above, I'm nearly certain that I *do* remember that being the old default image. I'm completely unsure of whether that's me being accepting of what you said or whether some forgotten ancient neural pathway was activated. Hmm.