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I made this website.

I used to have a rather lengthy bio on the old site, and I'll write something here eventually, when I have the time.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts Wolf, It shows that you still care...

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timtoborne 20 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic ENTP 512 186C
A quick thought have you, mayhaps considered compiling the MARDEK series into one thing, editing it a bit here'n there like take out the tutorials aside for the first one, and put it up on steam for a pricetag of about 20.00 US, 11.99 UK, 14.50 EU? Perhaps, to make it a tad bit better of a deal, it could include some extra content, not included the free versions, extra weps, bosses, areas; just a thought.
Generic Scout

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Lonewolf no longer feels cool being in solitude.

Another chapter passes by, and yet as a speck in the wind nothing was known.

Best wishes to the Blue Sky, Perhaps with enough hope that one day may pass by.

Regardless, with apathy and indifference this is unit 014.

P.S. Its not always about the characteristics of an individual, but instead its about the environment/audience.

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Vekel 22 United States CholericMelancholic INFP 8w7 41C
Hello there! I just joined this site for my love of MARDEK. You're a great programmer. Even though Flash lags the hell out of my old computer, it's worth it to play this game.

Can't believe you composed the music as well! I judge music by the feeling it creates, and if it matches the situation (in the game, or wherever), then it's good! And yours....

...Isn't good.

...IT'S GREAT! Ha.

I was surprised by the post on the homepage of this site. Yeah, I've dealt with some annoying people too. I like them-they're a good challenge to out-do. If I see someone stronger than me, then I just train to be stronger than them. A bit of a superiority complex, I know, but hey, it works.

I'll end with a suggestion: As we can set Temperaments on our profile, could we also set what Element (MARDEK style) we are? Unless I completely missed that part...I think I'd be either Fire or Ether. What about you? I guess Water.

Again, thanks for the great games. Going to start playing Raider and Alora Fane soon.
Tama Yoshi

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Tama Yoshi 24 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric INTJ 513 472C
I just read your recent post on Soultome, the one about being the only one answering questions in class and wondering why people don't answer.

I tend to relate to what you say to some extant, but this time I *really* related a lot. I know you don't want me on Soultome, but I just had to make a comment.

As long as I can remember, I've been the one that answered questions in class. I tend to be vocal at school, to the surprise of the rest of my family ("You talk?!") . I mean, when questions are asked and no one bothers, why not?

I think this tendency to ignore questions is strangely generalized. In a world full of people more extrovert than you and I, why do we get to answer things? Is general knowledge really that much of a social stigma? Even in University, where people actually go because they *like* what is taught?
I even have a class with a horrible teacher, and it's quite clear than nearly nobody understands what he's saying, yet nobody asks for clarification. But I guess 'asking' makes you look like an overly-enthusiast nerd AND a fool. So WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT RIGHT??? It's not like university is about learning things.

But I think I've also learned to not answer every single question, just because the teacher ends up "knowing that you know". Smart teachers should understand that people are not going to answer them, I suppose O_o This begging for answers to questions that people are too apathetic respond to is kind of trivial.

My first programming class (Python) was about the very basics, and yet people struggled a lot. Shocking! Especially when I'd assumed that people get into coding BECAUSE they experienced it beforehand...

I've only met so many people that also raised their voices often in class, not afraid to show they knew what they were doing. One of them was a girl that I liked a lot (but she didn't like me D:).
Don't feel alone in your mannerisms, Pseudo. I'm sure classes are more interesting with your insights.

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Thanks for being such a great person, Pseudo. Thanks for making this place, which changed who I was, into a greater person. I'd be the typical teen, something I would loathe turning into, if it weren't for you, and the rest of the people here. But it's you who brought us all together. And people forgot that. I understand how you feel. Trust me. Thanks for everything. I hope this place stays. It's like a home to me.

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You are only hurting yourself.
We are not going to cry after your site. Not after what you are doing with it.
Tell me, how exactly are we profiting from its existence? In the past, the site was about your games, your art, your music... but it is no longer, as you gave up on all of it. For the longest time, the only good thing about the site was the community. But IT IS NO LONGER, as you are actively prohibiting the community from existing. You are forcing people to only like what YOU like, and only say what YOU allow them to.
The people you managed to get together are not going to miss you, because a good part of them is already disgusted by what you have become.
There are groups on skype, on steam, on nation states, on this Savage Wolves site... If we want to meet each other, we don't have to do it here, you know? You are not hurting us.
If you close the site, the only thing you are going to lose is the profit from the adverts and potential viewers/customers for your games.
You have successfully proven that you are the alpha male here. Congratulations.
So do it. Close the site. Remove it entirely. Blast it into oblivion.
Nobody is going to cry, because nobody want to sit in a home of a psychotic who shoots his own guests.

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This is plainly an offense to this community in all standards. Why? I guess I'll give my reasons here:

1) This site is the only thing I have next to video games. Some of us have even less than that. Why should we go somewhere else when this had been our home for so long? It may not be the same, it may be a home 'no longer' to many people, but there is a difference between an angry community and a toxic community, and we're headed towards toxic.

2) Many of us will miss Pseudo. Or at least, the old Pseudo. Sure, he may not care for us, and it may seem that most of us hate him, but what most of us want is him to be back to his old self and not so focused on fixing his mistakes.

3) We are clearly hurting him. Have you ever heard the word 'excessive'? I think it applies here. I could also use the word 'hypocrites', but that's extreme, as Pseudo himself has sort of been acting this way.

4) If Pseudo closes the site, he will lose only a bit of profit, I think. Sure, he'll lose a lot of support, but I'm sure he'll have other ways to get profit, through Paypal and otherwise.


6) You probably shouldn't go on about those groups on skype and facebook, Pseudo could just as easily get to them... then he might do something and... I don't want to know the thought. I already heard about what happened on Savagewolf.org.

7) This 'war' and the site 'dying' is stupid. The 'war' is simply unattainable and silly in the first place, and the site is not 'dying'. Look at the insurgence of members here and the amount of work Pseudo is putting in other sites. He doesn't care about people like you, and if he does, then you're just another annoying thorn into his side.

There. That is my view of this post, and I do not know why it has so many appreciates, but it doesn't deserve them.

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Okay, I feel the need to defend this post, because it pretty much sums up the feelings I have towards Pseudo after his recent fiasco.

1) This point makes me visualize a farmer living on a burnt farm, saying 'This is the only place I have, next to the forest filled with animals and land.'
There are other websites which are better serviced than this one that also center around the same things of video games and community, and the only reason it came to that was Pseudo.

2) This is pretty much foolish optimism. The old Pseudo who used to actually DO STUFF is long gone. And fixing his problems? I'd be surprised if he said he fixed his monitor by plugging it into his computer. Guy seems to be like a tour guide on his life problems. He guides people through them and goes on and on about them.

3) While you're worrying about hurting Pseudo's feelings has he ever worried about hurting our feelings? Despite claiming to be empathetic, he seems to just toss aside our feelings and thoughts on him. DUUH Day should be sufficient enough evidence.

4) If Pseudo did close this site, he'd close one of his longest lasting sites that he has ever made. If you had any idea of how short lived any of his other sites were, then you'd see why closing down FH would be a bad idea on his part. But still, no harm done since we've already established other connections like devFart and Steam.

5) Again, would Pseudo ever care?

6) What exactly will Pseudo do at those FH groups on other sites? This may be his site, but he'd either have to be crazy or stupid to think he could influence us outside of his sites. As for whatever happened on fh.savagewof.org, I'm not sure what happened there.
Would you kindly be so polite to tell me?

7) I'm not sure how the work Pseudo puts into his short lasting sites has anything to do with why people actively hating him for his actions.

Maybe you should give it a think about why this post has so many appreciates. Maybe it's because people agree with it. To say it doesn't deserve them is to say that their opinion should be discarded as garbage.

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Macheman7 19 United States SanguineMelancholic INFJ 4w5 289C
Please do not let this string of comments result in a flame war, as I've had enough fighting for the last several years of my life.
Thank you.
Mr WinRar

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[This comment has been deleted.]

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WARNING! The linked site is registered as malicious and such! I suppose you people shouldn't watch this link if you don't want you or your computer to be severely damaged, or something. ^^"
Mr WinRar

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[This comment has been deleted.]

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WARNING! The linked site is registered as malicious and such! I suppose you people shouldn't watch this link if you don't want you or your computer to be severely damaged, or something. ^^"

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Hey Pseudolonewolf, just created an account here to tell you this. You may be interested. It's an episode by Extra Credits (In their words: "a show about video games and the industry that makes them, how they can be made better, and ultimately, why that matters") about "Myers Briggs and Character Creation"
∞ LINK ∞
That's all. Bye, I guess.

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Pardon me for defiling your userpage, Pseudo, but I figured you would not notice a PM and, well, I have a rather ridiculous and, in some ways, moronic request. See, I originally created an account here on Fig Hunter as "Amadeus Foster" but I have sort of lately had an identity crisis and wanted to go by a different name. So, I had a poll and forum thread asking people for suggestions, stating that the name that I had been thinking about was "Aionakius". But, then I started to worry that someone might just be mean and go ahead and make such an account here upon reading my thread, so I, not being particularly trustful of people, went ahead and registered this account just in case. But, then I was told by the moderator Wolf that I was not allowed to have two accounts and he told me to pick one to keep and that he would ban the other one and that I was not allowed to make a new one afterwards. So, I kept this one. But, now I am starting to have regrets about this one and wish to rename myself "Aionaki", without the "-us" at the end and I am fearful of being IP banned for creating another new account. With such stated, I am requesting that you please give me permission to either create a new account or that you change this account's name to "Aionaki". I promise, this is the last time I am going to change my name or create a new account and if you refuse, then I understand. Thank you!

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You have inspired me to start to develop flash games. thank you.