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What's up my figlings?

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I remember some good times with some of you, you may or may not remember me ofcourse.

Since this place is dead (and possibly haunted, look at those creepypasta posts everywhere), hit me up on skype or discord or whatever.

I know you guys still visit and check up on things every now and then. Even if there hasn't been a post in months, I can see your "last visited" counters. I completely understand why, this place has been a part of us and we will always come back to see if anything changed.

Even if we havn't talked before, I'd love to meet you, the reader.

skype: mta_luca
discord: spopo#3495

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uugr 16 United States MelancholicSanguine INFJ 277C
I see people in the chat occasionally. or at least, I come on and see 'Chat (1)', and then when I enter there's nobody there. I don't know if that's a problem with the site or what, but I'm almost certain haunted creepypasta shenanigans are involved.