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So... What happened?

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I have been away for quite some time. The last time I checked in on how Psuedo was doing, he was talking about releasing a new version of Mardek as some kind of serial, episodic weekly or monthly something-or-another, releasing concept art and discussing how pricing on that might work.
So... I'm curious what has happened since. Alora Fane has a big mess of posts and I'm not really sure where to even start with reading them all. It looks like he released a game? Possibly a new version/reincarnated version of the Mardek game? On Android, it looks like. Is that still being updated? Did it die?
How is Psuedo doing? Is anyone still even using this forum?

I feel like this used to be a big chunk of my life, and now it's all kind of fallen apart and died, which makes me a bit sad and nostalgic.