Pokémon Go
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david s

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Not to be confused with Pokey Mango, which is CtG's specialty.

Almost everyone has, by now, at least heard of Pokémon Go. It took the world by storm, has well over 100,000,000 downloads on the Google Play store alone, and is perhaps the first super famous Augmented Reality game. It's also one of the most complex free apps available, since most free apps are utter rubbish, or chuck full of ads.

Pokémon Go is quite controversial.

On one hand supporters point out that it encourages nerds to go outside, get excercise, visit landmarks, museums and libraries, and even to, *GASP!* SOCIALIZE!!! There are heart-warming stories of Autistic children going out and talking to people and sharing experiences with them, pushing their limits and growing. There are people who are playing the game and walking dogs from local pounds while they're out. Some players use their walking around town as an opportunity to pick up garbage and recycle and help make the world a somewhat nicer place.

However, there is also a dark side. Countless people have trespassed while playing Pokémon Go, searching for precious Pokémon. Rumours suggest people have been crashing their vehicles while playing Pokémon Go. In-game items called lure modules have been used to lure players into armed-robbery ambushes, or to attract customers for drug deals. Fighting between teams has proven hostile at times, perhaps even violent. I got super depressed when I accidentally transferred my beloved Ookamizu, a Vaporeon that I was so stoked to get, back before they set up a feature that made it impossible to transfer favourited Pokémon. The problems are all so apparent.

But pretty much everyone has opinions one way or another on the game at this point. I want to see people discuss it here. What do you like? What do you dislike? Do you have any information you'd like to share? Do you simply not care?

Oh, uh, also, this is, like, a forum post. Egads.

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I remember feeling a lot of anger towards people playing Pokemon Go. Not your average gamer, but I hated when the "popular" kids who looked at others who played Pokemon saying "that's for kids you're a loser for playing that" now saying "oh man I love Pokemon I would never bully anyone else for playing this game!" That's the only thing I disliked about the game. The hype is gone now and it's not as popular as it once was but it was a fun ride.

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I never thought much of Pokémon Go at all, to me it was no replacement for the regular Pokémon games I adore, though I do not bemoan the game's existence.

The game has caused some nuisances due to ill-placed hotspots but it also encouraged people to go outside and explore which is good in my book.

But as DarkDragon10 said, the hype's gone, from what I read because the developers got rid of external tracking devices and just in general the game not encouraging long-time engagement. Ah well, can't say the same for regular Pokémon games, those always stay engaging from the comfort of one's room. :p