Let's study fantasy roleplay.

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Hello friends, long time no see!
Today I want to talk about roleplay sessions. Particularly the kind we do here on fighunter, by which I mean fantasy, sci-fi etc.
I am NOT talking about sexual roleplay, or any kind of roleplay that would get no benefit from any sort of mechanics.

We all know the DnD toolset. The kind of roleplay we do here on Fighunter would go well with such a toolset, while sexual roleplay would not. Noone wants to roll a dice to see if an orgasm was achieved, but a dice or random number generator is very useful for sword swings.

I think the kind of roleplay that would need mechanics is where it's a non-positive sum game. By which I mean, that something can be good for one person and bad for another. A sword cutting someone's head off would be very good for the one who swung it and bad for the one that got his head chopped off. This leads to metagaming etc, so a fair dice is welcome by everyone.

Now, I am thinking of creating some sort of game engine or platform where people can roleplay. I enjoy roleplaying a lot, but just plain text gets boring sometimes.

So my question is, what are features that you would like to see in such an engine? The most obvious ones that come to mind would be the game pausing entirely when anyone is typing a message. The DM being able to create custom maps and change anything he wants while the game plays out.
What are some common things you do in a roleplay session that you think could not be implemented into a system in a video game?

If you answer these questions, or just give your 2 cents in general, it will help me flesh out what exactly it is that I am even trying to make, and whether I should make it.

Love you, now post!

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The first thing is creating a dice system which is debuffed or buffed by the following factors: Terrain/Uneven Terrain, Injured/Healthy, Morale Up/ Morale down, Type of weapon used, Type of stats the characters has.
I think this should be used in the factors of creating a dice.

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I am not talking about just the dice.
There will be visuals, and you can walk around the map, or even teleport around if the DM allows it, etc.
What are other features you would want? I dont want the game to *limit* the things you can do during roleplay, I just want it to enhance the experience.
Thanks for the input!

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Hm... typically. the interface itself I believe.
I'd like to see HP/MP (or any other ability source codename whatsoever) as well as EXP. the ability to design our avatars. (or upload using an avatar creation mechanism.) write the name of the class. give names to skills, very much alike Deliverance.
ability to decide HP/source colors for the RP. (changable. but affects ALL interface) Oh. and one major ability.
to be able to allocate myself components of the interface. the pieces (Condition/party/target/map/skillset/other open windows) are locatable. and not locked to a certain place.
Oh. and the ability to chat outside RP.
Oh. and I'd like to have the EXP gauge near the HP and source.