Mardek on Steam?
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What do you think if Mardek was on Steam? With Steam's Summer sales so close by, I think it'd be a good idea considering how many new rpg's like it published on Steam nowadays.

And with Steam's new policy about refunds, a lot more people would be more inclined to give this game a try.

Anyway, just wanted to know your opinion about this matter.

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DLC qualna pack just for $4.99!!

Super items pack just for $9.99!!

Play as MORIC just for $19.99!!


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I think somebody should make the mardek games into a ROM for like GBA emulators.

I feel like mardek is more of a portable game rather than a game to be played with a keyboard and mouse. You'd need to change the menus a bit for equiping items and skills, but I feel like the result would be a game that could have rivaled the third gen of Pokemon. (In all seriousness though, I don't know if mardek could have fit onto a GBA cartridge....)

Even better thought, make mardek playable on 3DS's. The DS would probably need to be hacked. The battles and stuff would need to be reworked, battle menus could be on lower screen while battle is on upper like pokemon.

I know there are people who are making fan-made Pokemon for emulators, I don't know how it would be to change their mechanics to work for something like mardek. I think it could be possible, even if it is unlikely. (I can dream, right?)
david s

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david s 25 United States MelancholicCholeric ISFJ 621 1193C
The thing is, it would seem odd to me if the current version Pseudo is working on would be used on a console. If it's the old version that we currently have access to and play, where people use swords and fight, then that would be great for a portable game, but the drawback there is that it's not going to be a completed series, unless someone else decides to finish it.

I think Pseudo will fully rework the series at least five more times. I think he's remade the game more times than he's made chapters for it. o_O