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Let's see...

Well, the first thing I did was cry (internally, of course) when I realized that Fig was down for more than a week and might never be coming back. After that, I kind of forced myself to move on (or at least try to), because, well, life.

I completed the last month of my senior year of high school, with graduation coming up soon. Decided what university I'll be attending next year. Stressed a bit (okay, more like a lot) about all of the stuff I'll have to do and buy to prep for university, and so on.

Planned out lots of things to do over my ten-week summer vacation, and then had to face the truth that I won't have the opportunity to do most of them because I'll have to find a job and work or something. So I'm currently working on prioritizing things and trying to figure out how to find the time and focus to actually do what I prioritize.

Wasted a lot of my time browsing the Internet or doing other unproductive things. Beat myself up for not being as productive as I need to be. Didn't sleep enough, but simultaneously slept more than I "should". The norm.

Um... That's about it, for right now. Oh, and got mentally healthier (maybe?), though I'm not sure how long that will last. Or if it is even a thing. My memory isn't very reliable for this kind of stuff.


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AzureEdge 24 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic ISFJ 5w6 240C

You have no idea how much I missed this place! This is the only site where most of my RP buddies are on regularly and where we keep in contact frequently. I bumped into some of them on Savvy's site but I couldn't really 'talk' since the chat doesn't always work for me unlike here.

Oh right, what did I do while Fig was down? Well I tried to drown my sorrows by throwing myself into roleplaying on that RP site Mache and I frequent. Then I worked on creating a few new characters and doing research for them.

After a while I found a few games that interested me and watched playthroughs of them on Youtube which lasted for a good few weeks. Somewhere in there I picked up drawing again and made a sketch dump for my efforts. I also started playing a new game which I'll probably be quitting sometime this week due to finals creeping up (and because my usual games have events going on).

I've managed to binge read at least 4 manga series that I haven't read before while waiting for updates for ones I usually read. Pretty much the same things I usually do. I've been both amazingly productive and unproductive these past months.

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uh, I went on 4chan and stuff. Drowned myself in games and anime and manga and comics and cartoons and real-people shows while barely getting by in school. Now I'm still going back to more school/work, but uh, it'll be fun watching you guys with your silly discussions, feeling sorry for Psuedo, etc.