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I'm not all that interested in Mardek, but I understand that I'm in the minority and I think it's great that you're motivated to do something that seems profitable.
I don't know what the precise set up with Patreon is but I do hope that none of your content is free to play. I'd like to see you earn off of your creations and don't really see why you shouldn't. If you've got an "artists statement" type reason why, like you want your content to be accessible, then I understand that. I personally have gotten a lot of play time out of your content and am willing to support future ventures. Not everyone shares this sentiment, but when it comes to feeling included in a community, or drooling over screen shots that they think look too cool to pass up, they'll be pulling at their mothers skirts for a credit card number or something.
I'm really interested in Yden and would like to a tester for it, if there are still any open positions. I know that you've hand selected these testers without any application process. I'm currently in Business School and have a special interest in the business models of artists and technology companies that don't have as many immediate paths to profit as other comparably developed industries. I would love to give some input on this after being exposed to Yden but if you'd rather not hear it I am very accepting of that as my experience is limited. I've had a long relationship with this site and your content (I was a Mardek 3 beta tester) and would like to continue to have a role in playing and testing your games.
Blog: Weekly Update!!1

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I think this new simulation game is a novel and valuable concept, and I think that developing it could change your fan base as you've always wanted to. The open gameplay style is something that seems very fresh to me, something original. I think you could really benefit from fully developing the concept and game and selling it off the right way.

If I were developing the game I think I know the path I'd take with it. If you end up developing it similarly I will not have the arrogance to assume I was in any way responsible, I merely like toying around with the idea myself:
I think I'd want to develop a number of different habitats, which would function as different starting grounds for different tribes. These habitats would dictate some of their tribe (family name's) resources, and the skills possessed by individuals in that tribe. Based on these resources and skills, (which would of course change on inter-breeding), you'd establish family wealth (a class structure I guess), which would create the notion of marrying up or down. Tribes could war with each other and take each other's lands/resources, changing the wealth, skills, resources (perhaps even culture if things go that complex) of both the winning and losing tribes. I suppose these wars would also be fought with the tribe's set of skills.
The issue with this type of game would be that it could basically be considered a genocide simulator which implied that the domination of a singular culture over all others was inevitable in human history. But also intercourse anyone who would hold that against a game that was otherwise fun.

I understand what you meant in your log, since the idea of the simulator is so addictive and boundless to even me, that I was motivated to flesh out the idea in my head. What I mean to say is you're really on to something.

Also, I'm frustrated with the people who got hung up on the joking reference to Mardek 4. Don't make Mardek 4. You've been there, you've done traditional RPGs. I think the idea you have on your hands now is much more original, and worth much more.
Blog: Why Betas are Private

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I'm curious about the sponsorship route you intend to take for Alora Fane: Creation.
I know that way-back-when there was talk of a pay-to-play system in which there's no sponsor, and all the traffic is directed to the site. A system where you host everything, essentially, and people pay for access. This blog post implies that you intend to pursue sponsorship for AF:C, which is obviously totally your call to make, but I personally advocate for a pay-to-play system. AF:C is a large project with endless possibilities and replay value, one that I believe you said would be constantly updated. I think charging $5 for the game is more than fair, and would bring a great deal of traffic to the site. I personally would pay $10, but I understand that a lot of potentially players have no source of income and would be relying on their parents to pay for access. I think that $5 value, in relation to what people pay for other sources or entertainment, is a relatively low bar.
Now I'm sure you've considered this and know all of the ins and outs of monetizing your games much better than I do. I'd just like to say that I'm willing to pay, and that I believe many others would be as well. In fact, I'd prefer something that's pay-to-play above a free game that's sponsored, as it'd allow you to make the creative process public as you desire, and, I think, earn you more money in the long run, providing more motivation.
Forum: My goal in life...?

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Matrigan 22 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic INTJ 7C
I'm in a similar situation as I'm starting college this year and I'm in a pre-professional program. I think being bound to a set path is scary in a different way than having no path is; I'm constantly afraid that "the grass is always greener on the other side" and there's somewhere else I should be.
At our age I think there's this constant pressure that says the sooner you grab a path the more of an advantage you have. If you know what you wanna do you can get the relevant experience and get an edge and all that. But all the advice I hear from people twice our age is that their college major was irrelevant, that they didn't really know what they wanted to do until later.
So I guess its important to have faith that your life in 15 years can be more fluid than rigid. You path doesn't need to be set, or if it does, it can be reset. My advice would be to go a university with an atmosphere you like and take some very diverse classes. Get experience in some broad fields and feel it out from there. Good luck! I think the pressure you put on yourself might be the bigger enemy than the pressure you think the world is putting on you.
Forum: Random People Poll by CtG, Week 2

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I believe the rapist is the worst. Not because of the nature of the crime necessarily, but because of the justification of the crime. All of the other options could be potentially justified. A thief who steals bread to feed their dying baby let's say, or a murderer who kills in self defense. They are not always so black and white. I cannot, however, think of a potential justification for rape. It is a selfish and hedonistic act that can't be passed off under and noble reasons. It's done only to satisfy one's self.
I'm not saying that rape is always the worst crime to commit, because obviously there are circumstances. But to me it is the most unjustifiable. And that makes it the worst crime.
Forum: Why you should totally pick me as moderator

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Well well well, this sort of child's play disgusts me. These 'jokes' are hardly a representation of what the Moderator position is like! Let me have a go at this, eh? I would make a phenomenal moderator, because:

-I believe 99% percent of all Moderators should be male, as the governing body should be a representation of its governed body! As a male-identified person, I fit this qualification.
-I have had staring contests with Pseudolonewolf's avatar. I usually win.
-I am the same temperament as Pseudolonewolf and believe strongly in the practice of nepotism.
-I did (briefly! D:) dabble in guitar, but have since made good with YALORT and, after years of rehabilitation, I have just recently rejoined the outside world as a changed man.
-I have signed all the beasts. Well... you have no way of checking that.
-I am still looking for my Figimon. One day it just up and left the corner of my screen, but it never left my heart. I'll find it in the most unsuspecting place, I bet.
-I joined this site at 12, giving me much more 'cred' than those pretentious 13 year olds. I was pretentious first, and at a younger age. And I was better at it. So beat that.
-I used to eat figs with every meal, to ensure that I never forget what this site is truly about: The shared joy of figs. When this became insufficient, I replaced every component or ingredient of every meal with figs (i.e. figaroni and fig cheese, fig burger on toasted figs, figlobster (figs I dipped in water), fig apples (figs), fig escargot (figs I stuffed into snail shells), fig ice cream (really cold figs, to use fig flavored ice cream would be cheating), fig water (blended figs) etc.).
-I was not one of the 3 or 4 in this site's history to ever receive ban points.
-As a beta tester, I whined about Happy Johnnys until they were nerfed.
-I thoroughly enjoyed the revelation that Steele was Mystery Man upon finding his dream stone and not any sooner.
-I played "The Rise of Yalortism" for probably 5 minutes longer than anyone else did.
-I played "The Rise of Yalortism" for a total of 6 minutes.
-During the FLIGS system, the orbs system, and the Like/Hate system, I always rated everyone positively to 'spread the love'.
-Having the incredible foresight that it would be replaced, I never rated anything under the UFELTA system. No, this was not due to inactivity in the forum. Shut up.
-I believe the Supine temperament is for silly silly people and should not be taken seriously or realistically.
-I never found the presence of next to no black people in Mardek a problem. It's merely a reflection of Britain's racial demographic.
-I listened to "I Like Stoats" on Pseudolonewolf's deviantart page as if it were Nyan Cat.
-I have followed all the fad religions of the site as closely as teenaged girls follow fad diets.
-"Editor for" is on my real world resume. Pseudolonewolf's home phone number is listed as a reference.
-I actually edited something once or twice under the Editor position. This puts me above 3 or 4 of my fellow editors in terms of qualification.
-I believe, like many of the site, that a certain attitude is required to belong here at FigHunter. Instead of enforcing "rules" or "ratings" to teach people how they should act, we should abolish any indication of what this site expects of you and then allow any user to ban a new user at their first misstep. I mean come on. They should just know, ya know?
-I firmly believe IAmAwesome's awesomeness is proportional to the number of times he is mentioned in this thread.
-To ensure success on my first run through of CBC, I recreated all of the circumstances of Clearance's life in my own life, so I could use personal experience to guide me through the game. This was easy, since being within the range of joggers blasting dance music already made me physically ill. But also due to this lifestyle change I had snapped the necks of both of my parents and several pets, and am still finding police officers hiding in my bathroom. Although surprisingly, none of them called me out on the several hit and runs I committed under their presence.
Blog: Moderators!

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Aaah, it's a shame, I would've liked to have been a chat moderator. I'm just way to inactive these days, and probably too young. The inactivity is something I should change.

Anyway, I agree with a lot of what other uses have already put forth like, CtG, Will Alvein, and M β DeNovo, and some others as well, butI'm really posting to add WhoamI to the mix for the role of Chat Moderator. He may have a sort of silly attitude a lot, but I believe he can be serious when it counts. He's not some fun loving small child or strange man-child or something, after all. I believe he can be responsible, and hopefully you've also seen that. He meets the age and activity requirements as well, I think.
I hope my post to nominate only one new person isn't seen as a waste of space! But all the other big names have been said already.