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Forum: The Luxury of Enjoyment

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FH is a small site, and much of the current trend of our great admin Pseudo have with his own creation is that its not the way he wanted it to be. That he's unable to deprive ''enjoyment'' from this place.

Of course, that is not by any means the subject of discussion that we are having here, but merely a case which will be related to what I am going to bring up.

For 3 years I have lurked on this site, after being driven away by the heavy, criticism-based community. For fear of not being able to ''blend-in'', making ''constructive posts'' and such. But seeing this post which I am finally making is merely a self-centered rant, I find it appropriate, if not ironic, to make my voice heard here.

Sorry for the dull introduction though, I am not too good at words, but if you dislike boring stuff, you might like to turn away now, but still, I will try to make this as brief as possible.


Scientifically, we call it dopamine. Interestingly enough, it resembles the word ''dope'', which you can look up yourself. However, the point is, our brains are controlled by chemicals, and at the very start there has not been any restrictions on whether it is ''worthy'' to feel happy of doing something, or anything, at all. This is the same thing which keeps Steve Jobs of doing articulate designing and innovation work for his life. The same thing that makes us believe money, which originally stemmed as merely a tool to ease the process of transactions, as the foundation of civilization.

So this thing which makes us think something is better for us, comes from others. I do not mean to be offensive, but however intelligent you may want to believe, we all inherit our values from other sources, which when traced to the roots, stems from our instincts. I, for one, believe that original human nature, if we put it in our society's terms, to be ''bad''. Humans are mammals, mammals are animals, and animals are designed from the very moment to survive. The desire to survive to what's driven in every man, every dog, every bacteria. When survive is not a major concern, one has the idea to compete. It is therefore not ''evil'' or ''bad'' when you see it in such a light. We promote equality, and we fantasizes about equality, but ingrained in our genes are the desire to be not equal. Extreme Capitalism is trash, foreseeable is a Rich Poor Gap so wide that the Pacific will pale over. Communism has proved to fail, for it promoted absolute equality.
Nobody likes to be equal, even its supporters are ironically supporting inequality (which

Again, I must claim I mean completely no offense, but when you see this in such a way. Figures such as God or Jesus are not completely Good, for they still posses the sin of Greed, they desire to be worshiped as the only One.(In Bible, God dictates that those who worship foreign idols are to be denied ''eternal glory'', the seven sins are also defined by Him.) Adolf Hitler actions absolutely detestable, we hate his person for what he has done, but his instinct are as aforementioned inherited from others, we cannot blame those who shaped his character, we cannot blame the nation of Germany, we cannot blame the world, for they are nameless, faceless and ourselves. We take the luxury of placing an accusation on a single person because an individual is the best foci for emotions.

Well, I believe that is pretty long enough, and more importantly attention deficit is acting up again. So I might as well as conclude here and now.

Enjoyment is not something which should be misunderstood, in the end, enjoyment is not evil nor bad. People impose such values on you because we are all competing for enjoyment, and in such sense, everyone wants the universe to revolve around him. If you believe that something is enjoyable, go do it. We know enjoyment but we never understood its concepts in the very sense for we believe that it is wicked. It's not. If you would still insist to see such ''moral values'' as filth go ahead and turn a blind eye. Do as you wish, ''Nothing is True, everything is permitted'', quoted from Assassin's Creed franchise, for from all I know no famous politicians actually addressed this issue boldly.(Think Obama telling the world the true reason he wanted to be President is because he hates Whites) Some may question, is murder allowed if I deprive greatest enjoyment from the action? I will tell you Yes, but beware, for those whom you ripped off enjoyment from will come back to haunt you. Our civilization is founded on such. Our lives are founded on such. To influence or change your life you must understand it, this is my understanding. Thanks.
Forum: Bishonenquest---A first try at roleplay!

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Greetings, it's Darkninja here, I haven't contributed to FH for a while, and being in time for the Beta test of the new site is more than a pleasant surprise to me.

Well, this should be enough about me, in a roleplay thread anyway.

Mostly I am trying to use the roleplay thread for 'actual roleplay', while I do not deny the fun of having live roleplay in the chatroom, I find that sessions tend to be rather time-consuming, and that goes without saying that only a small pool of people can be in the same game, and I believe that to be the cause that's driving people away from the otherwise casual and fun game that is roleplay.

But during the time which I spent away from FH, I was able to discover a new format for roleplay (which isn't really new), which, to be put simply, you don't have the ability to make your own chars, but instead, you, the participant, will control one (or more) prexisting character with 'commands',
by putting a > sign in front of sentences you post, it instantly becomes a command.

These commands are just to mark comments that you want the GM to respond to, and do not necessarily have to address the in-game characters, for example, if you ask about your inventory with a command, the GM will tell you what items you are holding.

Enough with the boring things, let's get to what's fun!

>You are a male of about 20, and is of above-average height, you body is also well-build, attributed to living in the countryside

>"So, Erene, it always surprises me how much you can swing, with this pace we might even fill all these baskets before the sun sets."

Finally, please do not be afraid to post, I sincerely hope to see people's reactions to this 'new' format of RP, and every one of your posts help.
Game: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3

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Well, to most players, Animus isn't as hard as Karnos, as the former is much more predictable than the latter, and personally, the stragety I used to defeat Animus was:

Mereador uses Potion Spray Rainbow Juice to give a full buff to the party. (Sometimes healing the party with potions if Mardek can't keep up.)
Gloria keeps up the nulls and use Whirlpool if there's absolutely nothing else to do.
Mardek keeps up the nulls and heals.
Legion uses Fairy Dust to nerf Animus' SPR.

After a while of this process, Animus should drop to 0 SPR and you have nothing to fear, however, there's still one spell which ignores said 0 SPR, therfore be sure to remember to equip anything that carries AETHER RESISTANCE with you in your battle. Or Omega will kick your arse.
Blog: Weekly Update

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That was of immense help, to be honest, the old page was a bit cluttered, and all those details kind of messed me up...Or perhaps my perceptual ability is too bad? >_>

Anyway, you are amazing! Although this is shorter, the presentation of it is definitely much better than that of before, and your improvement is obvious to even someone like me (Who haven't really quite got his under 16 years old hand on the sub site, myes), I hope you can keep on finishing the blends! Definitely be sticking around to see what's coming.

P.S: And now I kind of think I am instead of . >_>
Forum: What Does Fighunter Mean to You?

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Perhaps the title is abeit confusing, so I will elaborate here....

Basically, I am asking various people about what does FH mean to them as a part of life, and like ''Why do you go on FH, where there's people you've never met before?", those kinds of questions, etc, personally, I find these various reasons interesting, and I am sure some other people and me would love to hear about it.

Oh, also, if you have enough spare time on your tiny little hands, I would like to ask what is your favourite activity on FH, as seeing how many people share the same interest as I do is interesting, I myself frequents the Chat and Forums the most, and leaving the games unattended, which is a pity, but I cannot find the will the replay the game, since I've beaten everything already. D:

Oh, and FH means to me as a place where I can say stuff I like without having to pay much consequences for it, and by that I don't mean I will talk about how cool Nazis are here, I mean that things I said, no matter how offensive somebody might take it, I do not need to meet the person who is irritated by my speech (Although this rarely happens now, but it just feels...better, to know that you won't have any lasting consquences when you let off some steam or start a debate with someone.). Which is a blessing, as I am easily intimidated.
Forum: Arguing to Win

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Personally, my own stance on arguments is that it is, like Son of Leviatan said, merely a way to communicate knowledge, I mainly start arguments just to learn more about the 'topic' the other person and me are debating on, as during an argument both sides will try to show who's 'correct', and this provides the perfect chance to reconsider flaws in my own viewpoint and better understand others.

Honestly, I really don't care about who wins or loses, as arguments (Or I would like to call that debate. Duh. The word argument is negative in itself, and I would like to see it as a neutral activity people do to better communicate with eachother.) are started to obtain better results in an objective, and as long as the result is fine, I am content with it.

P.S: You may question my logic, as alot of times arguments doesn't even achieve anything, I would like to say those kinds of arguments are just deemed 'useless' by me (Unless Pride is extremely important for you, I wouldn't recommend, or engage in, any pointless arguments.), as they never achieve anything and all wasted is time, unless you are merely having fun, but that's another matter.
Forum: What's your favorite music of all time?

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My, it's amazing to see the revival of this thread!!! Simplicity really is the beauty of life....enough with the banther, here's my favs.

∞ YouTube ∞

TH 8 Imperishable Night BGM: Extra Boss: Fujiwara no Mokou's theme:
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke

My all-time favourite, perhaps you don't know much about Mokou, but basically, she is a human who has lived for 1300+ years due to having consumed an Elixir which removed her 'death', thus rendering her the ultimate immortal that will keep regenerating even when killed (although she can still feel pain, it will merely knock her out, but still, she won't die).

Personally, I think this song is really classic, it gives you the vibe of ''Oh Crap" when you are fighting Mokou, but when you listen to it closely, a certain same part keeps repeating, and more is added to the repeative part each time, until it finally reaches a full orchestra, I think it symbiolizes how boring it is to be an immortal, and thinking there's nothing to offer in life....when, an interesting one come along and challanged her...and the emotions of both sides gradually heat up until it reaches the climax...and....

It all stopped.

The beauty is, when it repeats, you will get the feeling that, although both sides have already surpressed their emotions, tensions are still high, and the fight still goes on endlessly, as if like Mokou's endless life.

Fun Fact: The immortal elixir Mokou consumed is called the Hourai Elixir, and Mokou's title is Hourai's Victim, guess immortality isn't really a blessing.
Forum: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

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Ah, playing Touhou has given me alot of thinking about having a 'power' of my own, and here I shall rant, please prepare yourself for a wave of utter nonsense!!!

Personally, I would like to have this perculiar power called 'Border Manipulation', before you ask what exactly the hell is Border Manipulation, I would like to say something...

There are many different things in this whole, wide world, and what seperates a cat from a dog? There is a conceptual 'border' between these two things, which, to be put simply, is when you see a cat, you will know it is not a dog, as it fufills the conditions of it 'being a cat', however, Border Manipulation allows you to twist that conceptual barrier, and allows you to merge dogs and cats together into one 'thing'.

Now that I have vaguely elaborated on this Border Manipulation thingalingy, I would like to elaborate on how will I use this power.

I will, immediately upon accquring this power, opens a border between 'here' and 'there' (Which is basically everywhere. :3), goes to some sort of fourth dimension, and sleep.

Yes, sleep, I get to sleep all day, undisturbed, why not?

On second thoughts, I will say 'And from this day on, everyone treats darkninjaabc as a living God', and manipulates the Border of Truth and Lies. Then relax.
Forum: Which extreme would you rather live in?

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Personally, I believe the reason people voted for Marxist Communism is because of the fact that it is similar to socialism, which is considered somewhat ''ideal'' for those people who believe they aren't getting enough out of their work, and this absolute-equality system allows those people to get what they believe is their 'fair-pay'.

However, this system carries a major flaw, is that it completely neglected the need of those who do get a satisfactory amount out of their business, in other words, since no matter how hard you work, everyone will still ALWAYS get the same pay, so there is really no need to stress yourself, and thus the concept of working becomes voluntary, but honestly, how many people will still go to work when you can kick back and take it easy at home every day----and still have money rolling in?

This will, undoubtly, lead to a decrease in the total income of that particular country that enforced this rule (If exsist), as people will lose the morale in working. The whole country will become a mess that everyone don't have any working ethic, I would much rather leave such a hell than stay.
Forum: What's your favourite music?

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On Oldfig, there was a rating thread or something along that dedicated to different pieces of music people like, and I would love to see the return of this thread. Yet, since the original creator didn't decide to put it on NewFig, where it should deserve much more attention, I am putting it up again even if I am not the Original Creator, please do not give Gratitute/Support/Interesting-ness points to me since this is NOT my original idea.

Enough with the banthering, I hope people who want to post include the following items, which I also extracted from the original thread.

1. Rating of the previous song. (On a 1-10 scale)
2.Comment about the previous Music/Song , to clarify why you marked it as you did.
3. Link and name to your favourite Music.

Factual stuff describing your song/music piece is welcomed, yet, I would much prefer that comments about your favourite song/music piece to not be posted, since that would give people the wrong impression of your song, causing mis-rating.

I hope everyone enjoy themselves to the fullest, and, this is my current fav. Song, please rate! ∞ YouTube ∞