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Game: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3

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Pseudolonewolf, have you ever considered making the Mardek RPG chapters available on Steam? I personally would love to have a version of these games that I could play without using a browser, so I could play them when internet was down...or just to enjoy that way. I've loved playing them on Kongregate, but it's caused problems with save files when I have to switch browsers for some reason.

Also, especially in chapter 3, I would love an option where I could tweak the encounter rate up or down within a reasonable margin. That'd make things go much faster when grinding specific skills, or trying to farm specific items (I'm a bit of a completionist in that way...)

Speaking of being a completionist...why isn't there enough Gold Ore available in Chapter 3 to make all the unique items that require it? That's one part of the 3rd chapter that always left me upset.

...well, that and what Rohoph does to Elwyen, but pretty sure that plot bit's going to have some sort of resolution in number 4, right?