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david s

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david s 25 United States MelancholicCholeric ISFJ 621 1193C
So last night was, as usual, a multi-stage dream.

At first I was, apparently, in Japan. However, I seemed to have been an angel or something. I met up with this dude who was playing some kind of slot machine. He was really angry about it, though, because he wasn't winning anything. I pointed out that he had an extra coin to put in, but it was a Canadian quarter, and the machine didn't accept it. I asked him if he really wanted luck on the slot machine, since I knew somehow I could bring him luck, but he pain no attention. He then went on to insert the last quarter he had, which was an American Bicentennial quarter, for god knows what reason. He put that in, the machine gave it back to him. Then he put it in again, and he won a large amount. Then he seemed to be happy with the quarter, but he couldn't figure out how old it was because it had two years listed, so I explained bicentennial quarters to him, but he ignored me.

Well then I decided to go elsewhere, and since I was an angel with wings, I decided I'd fly. However, every time I tried to fly there were powerlines in the way. I kept hitting the powerlines and I couldn't really fly freely. This little boy saw me trying to fly, and he was saying to his parents "look, that man has wings" but his parents didn't pay any attention. I thought maybe they couldn't see me, maybe the other guy couldn't either? Maybe that guy at the casino wasn't just ignoring me, maybe he couldn't see me at all? Well this boy could see me.

Eventually, however, I found a place where the powerlines were just far enough apart for me to fly through them, and I made it up into the sky. The little boy seemed very amazed that I was flying. I felt very free, it wasn't like the other flying dreams I've had, where I usually have little control, or I fly by flapping my arms really hard. In this dream flying was very graceful and fairly easy, though it was difficult to take off.

Anyway. The dream switched segments. The next part, I was in the woods somewhere. Me and this group of three other guys went out into deeper woods, scouting for some reason. Eventually I figured out that we were a search party, and we were looking for a group of settlers that had gone ahead on a main group into these woods.

Well my group was walking in this wetland along a river and we saw all these fish in the river, at first they were mostly trout, but then some massive prehistoric fish showed up, and we identified them as lung fish of some sort, which actually had small legs. We kept going, but as we went, we realized their were a lot of bad signs. Torn clothing, broken pieces of equipment. We realized very quickly that the frontiersmen who went ahead had been massacred by wild animals. We turned back and returned to the camp where everyone else was, but we couldn't break it to them that their friends and family were almost certainly dead. We gave them some cryptic "Oh yeah, we found evidence they were there!" sort of thing. If we had told them what actually happened, they'd have lost the will to continue, but eventually they did learn what happened. It came gradually, so they weren't so shocked, we explained that we knew. But didn't want to shock them, and they understood. So I sat in camp and took some photos of the sunrise next to a small barn. Nothing amazing, but what else is there to do when everyone is bummed out about friends dying? Nothing.

Some weird stuff, eh?