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david s

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I like the idea of anarchism in a realistic way, but I think that it must be reached slowly and gradually. I think that it may actually be best instead to have what would kinda be the opposite of anarchism, which is to say everyone being the rulers. It's not that I don't want their to be governing, but that everyone should have total equality in it, and no one should have authority above others. But anarchy becomes much more hopeless when you consider that there will always be people that try to exploit things more. Basically greedy people would use the lack of authority to exploit others who lack physical ability. Or something.

But if you slowly evolve society into anarchy, I think it could work.

Over all, people are evil, people in power are evil, people in power make the rules and the victors write the history books while the oppressed write the songs played in run-down taverns, telling the tales of better days, past and future.