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timtoborne 20 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic ENTP 512 186C
Pseudo, I know you'll probably never read this, but I wish I could have known you before you began to be bullied by your own guests.

The worlds you created within your games inspire me to think outside the norms of story telling. You are very talented, and I need you to acknowledge this fact.

I know you've moved on, but if you do read this post then perhaps you'll go a bit further, a few people and I feel as though we won't be able to move on with the next iteration of MARDEK because of the story you created in the original.

Make no mistake, I will play your first few new MARDEK games to completion before passing judgement, but I, and a few others need closure. Could you perhaps tell us, in writing or otherwise, how the classic MARDEK would've ended? ∞ Fig Hunter ∞ That's a link to the thread I posted here. Please, if you see this, please consider humouring our need for closure.

Regardless if you do or do not tell us, I thank you, for putting so much of your time and effort into these games that we, that I love. They are more than games now, they are like a testament to you, or at least that's how I see them. Thank you Pseudo, without you, I may never have found my love for story telling, art, and programming!