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Heyo Pseudo!!

It seems to me you are not truly passionate about making games since you tend to lack creativity, drive, postpone, etc. Why don't you find something else to do instead? Something that makes you happy you know.

One thing that I noticed is you spend too much time in your depressed state to get anything done, and I knew exactly how you felt man, lots of us have been there. I used to sulk around the house and ignore going out with friends because I was shy and scared of the world. I tried so hard to understand what was wrong, like I see you are with the whole personality 4 letter thing but that won't help you figure out what's wrong. You have to live life! Do the things you love that make you happy. Hang with friends. Find yourself a girl or guy, I don't judge haha. Spend time with family. Being social is terrifying to people like us, we're not all naturally outgoing and first but it takes time and courage.

You have one life, trying to think your way out of depression won't help you, actions do. I don't care if your games never get finished, I care about people and helping them out. Drop making games if you're trying to make others happy, you should be making yourself happy. You spent all this time trying to think out of being depressed and it hasn't worked right? Go on an adventure to get out more, try new things, fall in love!

But it's all up to you man. Life's a crazy, fun, wild, amazing journey and you're spending it thinking too much. Have the courage to conquer your doubts, fears, demons because at this moment they control you and it's making you sad. Man up and kick their butt!

Best of luck to you