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Blog: MARDEK IV Updates!

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I should point out that my gripe with timtoborne was not that he spoke against the people who contributed to Pseudo leaving. My issue was with the way he decided to go about doing it. Someone lashing out at people in a fit of anger and trying to do to them what they did to someone else is hardly the ideal form of justice. Justice requires a measure of objectivity to it, something I found lacking here, hence my comments. Laws generally forbid taking personal revenge; letting uninvolved people approach the issue with an objective eye and make fair judgments seems like ideal of justice in most places.

When it comes to judging people, should we judge them based on their intentions or based on the consequences of their actions? I personally tend to favour the "judge based on intentions" -camp instead of the alternative, but I suppose that is a topic that can never be solved by debate. I'd imagine people have tried and failed repeatedly in the past.

It occours to me that I've failed to be suitably specific about what kind of people I am talking about. I certainly agree that undoubtedly there were just trolls and your plain haters who hate on things to make themselves feel better, who would deserve a chastisement. However, those weren't the only kind of people who contributed to Pseudo leaving. There were also the people who used to like and respect him, but whose admiration turned to something else entirely due to the events of the past year or two. There were people whose words would not even be considered attacks by most standards, yet they still contributed to Pseudo leaving. Are such people deserving of such vitriol, or a measure of understanding? Note that understanding doesn't imply blind acceptance and forgiveness.

I feel that it is extremely easy for a fan of Pseudo to forget or be unaware of Pseudo's own contributions to people turning from fans to haters, and that his treshold for what counts as an attack or harsh criticism is quite a bit lower than what a fair amount of people, if not most, would agree is reasonable. The situation isn't as simple as an unfeeling crowd of despicable people driving away a sensitive guy who didn't do anything wrong. As such, I feel that should one get overly emotional about the issue, either against Pseudo or against people who criticised him, someone should make an effort to calm them down.

People made poor choices all around, some of which you might be unaware of if you indeed joined only a month ago. That one side got burned much worse than the other side doesn't change that. I maintain that slinging judgment over one side without making an effort to understand them will cause more problems than it resolves, and there's a precious little justice to be found from it.

I'm growing weary of this conversation, though it isn't your fault, as I'd have better things to do with what spare time I have than arguing with reasonable people who are trying to do the right thing but I feel are missing the mark. If you choose to interpret that as me trying to escape from a losing debate, I guess I can't hold that against you, since it is reasonable enough an assumption to make. I'd much prefer it if you believed me, though.