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Forum: Whore hitting on me? Nope, just a bot.

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[9:17:04 PM] L: How did you get my contact?
[9:17:24 PM] Zinab: just through skype

[9:21:48 PM] Zinab: i am 30 years old and you?
[9:21:55 PM] L: 12
[9:21:57 PM] L:
[9:22:09 PM] L: 12 months old
[9:26:29 PM] Zinab: hello why did you say 12 months?

[9:58:25 PM] Zinab: intercourse you
[9:59:10 PM] Zinab: intercourse your mother
//Bots don't insult

[10:02:10 PM | Edited 10:02:28 PM] S: We are the russian intelegence agency. What did you expect?
[10:02:36 PM] Zinab: i expect you intercourse your mum

[9:59:20 PM] S: Agent L, send the Task Force 137 to the location.
[9:59:44 PM] Zinab: intercourse you and your agent L

Those are not things bots can come up with.
Fenix Shakura

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Fenix Shakura 25 Germany PhlegmaticCholeric ISTJ 5w6 294C
As I've already mentioned before, I've been dealing with bots for some time, believe me when I say they can.

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0) Since this bot had a fixed agenda, and insisted on prostitution (Parts of the convo I didn't paste), I will ignore the possibility that this is a bot that mines a database to find suitable answers by finding similar past conversations. Even in the extract I gave, the person never changed topics or wandered off.
Even if you do not agree with these assumptions, most of my arguments will still hold.

1) Bots geared towards scamming people, or sexting people (Which are the only two possibilities for this bot) would have absolutely no reason to insult their victims. It would counter the purpose of their existence, by offending the victims and preventing the transaction. Since no bot I know has ever been programmed with a sense of impatience, I see no reason for it to insult me and react negatively to being trolled.

2) The only possible scenario where a bot would use profane language would be trying to emulate "dirty talk", but then the dirty talking would not be directly insulting my mother, as this person has done.

3) Bots typically stay quiet when they do not know how to respond, and then they "re-initiate" the conversation, pretending the old thread of discussion is dead. The only time this one paused for a significant time was when it got "pissed off". When it did come back, it gave me the ultimatum to pay up or go away. It was able to give "acceptable" answers for all other queries.

4) From all I know, such bots are geared towards talking to a single person. *I* added the people to the conversation, which was not a move by Zanib. I find it very hard to imagine that she would be "prepared" to be able to converse referring to multiple people, since such bots are highly specialized for what they do.

4b) Infact, in the conversation, when "Agent S" was talking to her, she said "intercourse you, and your Agent L", which means she could identify that they are two different people, used the correct pronoun for the person she is responding to, and wrote my name as one would in the third person.

4c) She also used the word "your" in that sentence. "Damn you and your XYZ" is a phrase only seen when someone is frustrated. I find it hard to believe that it would be specifically programmed to respond that way by judging the mood. A typical bot would not use "your" there, as it would lead to a much much much more complex code with minimal gain in believability.

[9:26:29 PM] Zinab: hello why did you say 12 months?
[9:26:50 PM] L: oops, I meant 21* years
[9:26:58 PM] L: I have been 12 months old in Russia
[9:27:06 PM] L: I used to live in Britain before that
[9:27:21 PM] Zinab: you have not accepted me as a friend

When she said "You have not accepted me as a friend", I had already accepted her contact request, so that cannot be what she is referring to. What she means by that is that I do not trust her with my information.
Why would she say that? Because the info I gave her is unlikely (James Bond, from Russia)
An ordinary bot cannot judge what info is believable. I doubt this was a supercomputer with a database full of millions of entries for "unlikely" pieces of info, social references and other social nuances.

6) It offered to cam ON SKYPE, not a third party website. Not typical of a scamming sex-bot.

It could be a scammer, but definitely not a bot.

Thanks for replying.
Fenix Shakura

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Fenix Shakura 25 Germany PhlegmaticCholeric ISTJ 5w6 294C
I see that seems likely.
Even though there are a few points that could be debatable, like bots being able to have "moods" and insult their dialogue partner. Yes, that wouldn't serve economy well, but who's to say that this one was after money? The slim chance exists.
As well as when you started the group conversation, bots can be geared towards talking to a giant collective instead of a single person, therefore giving answers that you think might be pinpointing when they are not.
Her saying "intercourse you and your Agent L" might be just another form of "your mum is Agent L". The fact that she even added the line "or L intercourse" indicates that she has no idea what she is referring to.

But anyway, these are just hypothesis, and you made clear that it's most probably not a bot.
*sigh* The thought of a somewhat sophisticated artificial intelligence is just so much more appealing than the thought of such a cheap example of the human species.