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You might want to advertise it as a spin-off rather than as a main Mardek game. It's a fact that you can do anything you want with a series as long as it's not the main branch, e.g. Megaman Zero has a red robot instead of Megaman, Megaman X has fancier Megaman in the future, New X-Men has different xmen and Mario Kart has Mario racing with Browser on karts (wtf).

The point is, everyone is going to be weirded out if you say "Mardek is now a girl (also an angel)". It seems quite a change to the setting at first glance. But -- if you call it New Mardek X: Legend of Marada (which I guess you plan on doing anyway since you aren't keeping the same title) -- then people will be more prepared. They will think "it's called New Mardek, it is *supposed* to have a different feeling than boring regular Mardek" and then you can do anything you want (some might still be disappointed since they expected regular Mardek but that's life).