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Hopefully you still read Fighunter!?! Maybe?!

Anyway, I personally am fairly attached to the old Mardek, and if more diversity is what your going for i think making you being able to choose Mardek's gender is a far better choice. (though, admittedly, a bit more work for you.) Alienating past fans by changing the gender of an iconic character would be your biggest concern i think. But i don't Hate the idea of him being Female, I wouldn't be horribly against it, but, it would just be, odd.

Oddly enough the thing that bugged me most about the whole thing would be the name change to the series, the name Mardek made it always seem like it was Mardek's story, and though he's a rather minor character in the grand scheme of things, it always kinda felt like i was Mardek instead of simply watching the hero "Do what he has to do." or something. Mardek was always a character i could superimpose myself onto, which is why im personally so attached.

Anyway, from your recent post it seems that you've decided what your going to do. So Good luck and all that!!