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Tama Yoshi

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"I don't see it"

I don't see how turning MARDEK into a women would result in something much better than a 'stupid blond' sort of character. I mean, MARDEK is not very smart. He's clueless, brotherly, and has good intentions and a strong will. He lives to be like Old Fox. I don't see how the female character would translate well, considering this.

I'm not thinking "women sucks!"
You need to convey the idea better, because right now you put a lot of emphasis on "pleasing the right audience", and as Mania said, it seems to be a fairly clinical move. The fact is that women are better at reading novels with an opposite-gender protagonist than men are. Take Harry Potter, for instance. The main character is male, and Hermione is a "support" character, and romantically laden. But it doesn't prevent Hermione from being a strong female character with a good deal of depth. Harry Potter is popular among girls.

What I fear is that you are being hyper-feminist, diminishing man rather than promoting women. You've been acting, to a degree, misandric, and I am unsure whether this made you do the best choices, story-wise.

Changing the sex of the main character must not be an offhand move. You need to find *good reasons* to change the gender. MARDEK as a man has a brotherly relationship with Deugan, and the ghost of a love triangle with Emela. These interesting dynamics might be diluted if he is a she.
When I say I don't see it, it doesn't mean it's bad. You could find interesting way to promote MARDEK's feminine side, or to preserve the dynamics he had as a man. I'm unsure *how big* a difference it must ultimately make to change a character's gender (since women can be boyish and men girly).

Have you thought well enough about this?