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As someone who's been following MARDEK from the time when Fighunter accounts had horsepower, in spite of my general hatred for remakes and reinventions, I'm terrifically excited about this.

I absolutely adore the whole sentimancy concept. It's a magnificent idea. Merging mechanics with plot is really great, too, especially if combat strategy could be at all representative of "how people work" - that fighting a battle might be closer to resolving an emotional dispute with a friend or having an argument (with rhetoric and so forth) rather than counting numbers and estimating probabilities. Although this is probably quite unfeasible and irrelevant.

I'd also like to point out that I go through webcomic archives often enough, and know several other people who do the same. I would urge for non-railroaded (modular?) plot lines if at all possible. Maybe with regards to smaller, less relevant details, or reusing part of the amazing procedural generation you were telling us about with 7 Heavens 9 Hells?

I congratulate you from the very depth of my heart finding such a passion and excitement.