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QuietThinker 22 United Kingdom INTP 595 2C
Do what you want. This is your baby, and I seriously love it to bits. The narrative style is awesome, even if some plot points were made a bit too in-your-face in Mardek 3 with Duegan.. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome in Mardek 2 how the villagers were talking about the zombie proof cave! That still cracks me up! XD

I will say that it was annoying having to level all your characters individually though: Mardek would end up super powerful compared to everyone else (although maybe that was the point?) and that got a little annoying gameplay wise.. It might be good to make it so a percentage of all exp gets shared among party members, so that you'll still get the disparity in leveling, but it wouldn't be so severe? Just a little suggestion :)

And you have to bring back the dreamstones. They were just.. really well written, and really well executed. I have never seen any game handle 'audio logs' so damned well. They are what collectibles should be! Please include them again!