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Blog: Favourite MARDEK character? (EDIT)

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I enjoyed leveling Sslen'ck myself because he was strange at first talking like a lizard and that kinda stuck on me plus he is the only character with a giant battle axe to swing an he knows it.

I also enjoyed playing Legion and solar who I found the most useful of the group for powerful attacks (Legion) and decent healing/somedmg(Solar),

I am surprised Steele is on the list though because we only control Steele for a minute or so he is very aggressive and I we could control him for a time that is not limited to 1 battle I wouldn't mind trying that.

I am also surprised Mardek is on there... Mardek the main Character(as I see it or his body sharing partner Rudolf could be). Would you kill him off?

Finally I would like to ask for the return of Deugan. It was a noble deed he did when he did what he did at the end of 2. I know from what I read in that part of the Encyclopedia I think he may of survived but I didn't read 2 or 3 of the notes because I didn't find them and my 84 hour save reset last year...