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Blog: Favourite MARDEK character? (EDIT)

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I enjoyed Steele's over the top personality and hatred for everything. He's probably better off as that bumbling antagonistc miniboss, but I did enjoy the Mardek's version of a Monk for that brief moment in part 2.

I personally enjoy all of the characters, so i just focused on "playstyle"/class when choosing.

I'm sorry for loving everything

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I actually hoped for Steelee to kinda just slightly improve his attitude and join the protagonist team permanently. Kinda "Dark is not Evil" vibes. He could still be somewhat brutish and annoying, but for me it wasn't anywhere near the levels it achieved for others.

I kinda appreciated that at first he directed his aggression at the people it should be directed at, the people who deserved it - I mean, while he didn't have the most noble of intentions, we saw him being cruel to who? The bandits? You know, I wouldn't call it a bad thing in itself.

I suppose playing as him also got me somewhat attached, brief as it was. Chapter 3 kinda flandrelized his character though.

Although he wouldn't be the only one... I didn't exactly like how forward Elwyen was in that chapter... Otherwise she was kinda cute, but when she made that stupid face and said those stupid things... Ugh.