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Blog: Favourite MARDEK character? (EDIT)

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Here's my opinions of all the characters listed, I guess.

Mardek: A nice guy, with good skills. He's so dimwitted he's hard not to like. While generally he seemed 'overdone' in some aspects (his "Well" saying, for example) I still loved his character, and I can understand why he'd be easy to get attached to.

Deugan: My favorite character from the series, he seems life-like and relateable, but also kinda cool at the same time. In combat, he was quite useful and strong, and the way he holds his greatsword and such just adds to the likeability. I like that he 'hides under a mask' and fears things, as it makes him seem realer.

Emela: My second favorite character over all, and a potent spellcaster too! She's a lot like Deugan, in that she hides under a mask, and seems life-like. Her way of speaking is also nice, and I like how... unsure she seems. She isn't 'not there' like Vehrn is, just more conflicted betweeen duty and friendship.

Zach: I feel this guy gets too much hype, but I like him somewhat. He isn't terrible in combat, and while his personality was bland and boring to me, he just seemed kinda cool and not pushing off-character ever. Of course, that also means he'd be easy to eliminate. I wouldn't mind this, but I know others would.

Vehrn: The overconfident paladin makes me laugh all the time. He's an excellent fighter, and his over-zealous attitude seems interesting, but a little overdone. Otherwise, I like that he is devoted and cares about what he does, but he's such a "one note character" and I feel he was mainly added for laughs over anything else.

Donovan: THIS GUY DOESN'T GET ENOUGH LOVE!! I like his character a lot, and yes, while he DOES seem the weakest in combat, it's because of the low amount of air enemies you face. He seems like the natural leader he was intended to be, and I almost voted for him when I saw he had no votes... why does nobody appreciate Donovan?

Sharla: I find her bland. She isn't that interesting, and while she is nice, she doesn't give off enough of an impact in the game. Maybe she will in the remake, who knows? Otherwise, she's okay in combat, but there are better characters, and her silence doesn't add enough diversity to her to interest me enough.

Elwyen: She's kinda one-note, and I don't like her perosnality. She's that annoying clingy character I sometimes just wish jumped off the moral coil. She's great in combat, and her dodging is excellent, but otherwise, I just don't like her. Take it for what it is. My opinion on this probably won't change. She isn't my least favorite though.

Gloria: I don't mind her, but I don't hate her either. She seems a little obsessed with nature. In combat, she's essential, and she seems practical. Despite this, she has pretty much no back-story...

Mereador: His stutter is annoying, but I like his character and move-set. I never used him that much except in boss battles. Maybe with a rewrite I'd like him more than I do, but for now, he's kinda in the 'okay, but I wouldn't care if he died or not.'

Solaar: I love this guy, she's so funny, and essential in combat as well. Maybe not the most diverse character. I wouldn't want him dead though, especially since she is so interesting! Sadly, doesn't have much backstory.. I feel Solaar could get a bit of a rewrite as well.

Sslen'ck: Not at ALL fond of this guy, don't know why he has so many votes. He's just some bland warrior guy who isn't that useful in combat, and he honestly could either be removed or get a good solid rewrite. I'm surprised he has more votes than Donovan and a few others.

Legion: A hilarious useful character who is fun to use and get all the the skills for, he's likely my favorite ally, but not much can be said about his personality or his looks. If Baron von Doomkill was gone though, I"d be very happy.

Steele: Must he be on this list over honorable mentions like Bartholio and Aaila? I don't like him at all, but that makes sense. He's one note and bland.. but rather fun to use in combat. Still, like a few of the others, I wouldn't mind him gone.

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I personally find any of the characters who aren't human fascinating, an alien culture is something that i would like to see explored further, Sslen'ck prehaps doesn't do the best job to do that. A rewrite would be nice for his character however. And legion having the four conflicting personalities is amazing! I wouldn't want any of them changed or removed.