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We'll see how this turns out then.
As a fair warning; releasing episodic things seems (note; I only talk out of my own experience, so that's a teenager's view. I imagine adults would not have the same tendency, maybe) something that gets quit sooner or later due to lack of interest, forgetting, etc. Though, come to think of it, since it's your income, you probably wouldn't forget it...

Anyways; nothing I've read seems 'bad' per se (though it depends on who the "a specific" and "some" characters are in your talk about the Gender and complete write-out of some characters), and might be interesting to actually see in action. So I wonder how that'll go.

I'll be 100% honest when I say I'm not sure how having these sentiments will feel, especially after being used to LIGHT mardek, but I guess we'll see how that fares too.

Finally; if you take a look at how many people play things like Dragonfable and Adventurequest and Mechquest and so on, I imagine you'd get some donations through pateon, but it might be temporarily. Where it starts good and then slows down since people don't find it "OMG MARDEK IS OUT YEA YEA" anymore after a long period of time.

There. My thoughts. I kinda hope they don't just get thrown into the pit of unread comments, but well... Hah.