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Well well.

Years I've not visited this website. I come back to play some old MARDEK and what do you know? It's back(sort of)! It's great to see you're so excited for this. At first is was kind of dissappointed with the episodic content and the Alora Fane setting but after reading your Alora Fane link I'm really excited!

Personally I really like the ideas of no levels and set characters in situations. I like games where I'm put in a situation with finite stuff to work with, especially in battle sequences and the like. And one of my biggest annoyances with MARDEK 3 was that I couldn't see every character's reaction to a plot development. In MARDEK 2 I always switched Zach for Vern to know what he had to say.

And while at first I was sort of put off by the Alora Fane setting, that's mostly because it's unfamilliar to me. Now that I think about it I'd love to see a new unviserse of your hand. Especially with the old story still in it!

The only thing I really miss is elements. And not for the reason you think. While I originally liked the concept, over the years I started to see that they're sort of generic(and once again I know nothing about the sentiments system which creates something new for me to explore). No the thing I'm going to miss about them is their symbols.

I LOVED the design of the elemental symbols. They're beautiful in their simple but representative design. I still draw them whenever I've got nothing better to do.

Anyway it's great to see more MARDEK and it's even more great to see you're so excited about it.

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Elements were great, and I believe they were used much more creatively in MARDEK than in any other media this site is named after one of them, after all.

I'm... going to miss the old MARDEK.