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At this point, it's been so long that I'm all for more Mardek content. Changes or not, if it lives up to Pseudo's standards (which seem to have only gone up over time) it'll probably work out great. The problem I see with episodic content though is that once a series goes this way, people will expect that content to come regularly, and if it's delayed for ANYTHING, people get angry. If everything arrives on time, everything will be great. If not, well...

Now, I don't want to be a scornful wretch who will assume Pseudo will do this before anything has even happened. But, and I mean this in the most respectful way I can, I'm simply not used to expecting regular content from him. There have been too many delayed and/or abandoned projects for me to let that go lightly. The hopeful part of me that has kept track of this site for 6 years or more wants to believe that Pseudo can do it. The skeptical part tells me not to expect it.

(Man it stings to write that out. But after the preorder disasters of recent times (The only one I've done was Total War: Rome 2... *shudder*), I cannot expect anything more out of ANYONE, be they an indie dev or a large company. So at least equality. Yep.)