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I'm not all that interested in Mardek, but I understand that I'm in the minority and I think it's great that you're motivated to do something that seems profitable.
I don't know what the precise set up with Patreon is but I do hope that none of your content is free to play. I'd like to see you earn off of your creations and don't really see why you shouldn't. If you've got an "artists statement" type reason why, like you want your content to be accessible, then I understand that. I personally have gotten a lot of play time out of your content and am willing to support future ventures. Not everyone shares this sentiment, but when it comes to feeling included in a community, or drooling over screen shots that they think look too cool to pass up, they'll be pulling at their mothers skirts for a credit card number or something.
I'm really interested in Yden and would like to a tester for it, if there are still any open positions. I know that you've hand selected these testers without any application process. I'm currently in Business School and have a special interest in the business models of artists and technology companies that don't have as many immediate paths to profit as other comparably developed industries. I would love to give some input on this after being exposed to Yden but if you'd rather not hear it I am very accepting of that as my experience is limited. I've had a long relationship with this site and your content (I was a Mardek 3 beta tester) and would like to continue to have a role in playing and testing your games.