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Blog: More MARDEK?!

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Interesting ideas...

I quite like the idea of releasing parts of each episode as they are remade - it'd probably make it easier to make the systems of the games flow more evenly between each other. That and it'd make Mardek 3 potentially more accessible to people that'd otherwise find the sheer scale of it a bit daunting.

I'm not too sure about the idea of shoehorning it all into the Alora Fane world though. I can see why the idea would appeal to you, but I can imagine it flowing a lot more smoothly as it does now rather than trying to make changes to make it work in that world.

If you did go down that road, it'd probably work better as a retelling of the story - maybe they think Mardek is a legend in their world and tell the story how they think it would have been, that kind of thing.

Generally though I think it'd work better keeping it separate from AF, but you're stuff has always been incredibly good so I'm sure you can make it work!