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Blog: More MARDEK?!

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While I'm personally a fan of the sprawling-world style RPG format that Mardek (Especially the later chapters, 3 especially,) where you have to do some exploring or look up a walkthrough, where dungeons all have hidden secrets to unlock other dungeons which in turn unlock MORE dungeons.

That being said, you have done genius work with every format I've seen him do, (From platformers to RPG to... Well, mostly that. But he does a great job with it.) If you re-do the Mardek RPG games in a dungeon-crawler epesodic style (With each dungeon being self-contained,) I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job with it. I'd gladly pay ten or fifteen dollars a month to support you. Without a doubt, you are the game developer who's talent I admire the most, and I would be very willing to support that.