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Blog: More MARDEK?!

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Yay! A β Pseudolonewolf has enthusiasm for MARDEK again! Yay!

Seriously, I always knew this was the biggest issue with getting more MARDEK, and there isn't really anything players can do to help. So let's have another Yay!

What, then, if I could provide MARDEK-related content regularly, at which point people might pay me for it?

I like MARDEK in big chunks, myself. Internal consistency is important to me, and that's really hard if you're publishing content as you're writing it.

For a long time now, I've been wanting to make some episodic project that I'd update on a weekly or fortnightly basis; usually I envision it as some kind of RPG, but I'm never sure what. Sort of like an interactive webcomic, but with each 'page' being a playable dungeon and various plot scenes instead.

Isn't that exactly what you wanted to do with Miasmon?

And what about AF:C? The updates don't have to be new dungeons, they could be new features too. (I can promise you a never-ending supply of feature requests.)

Updates would probably be in the form of a new dungeon with plot scenes, and perhaps they'd each follow different characters. Data could be transferred between the installments, of course.

Would the game be a single client that grows in size with each update? Or would you load a new client for each dungeon? Or would the client grab the data off the server? I don't always play the dungeons in the intended order, and I like going back to previous dungeons for grinding.

Actually, if I did this, I wonder how people would feel about me starting from the beginning, and remaking the existing chapters with enhanced graphics

Can we please have an option for non-pixelated graphics? Please please please? I know it's the look you wanted for the game (and I'm sure many players prefer it), but I'd really love an option for at least non-pixelated fonts (and maybe items too). And by "love" I mean "willing to pay money for".

What if I were to rewrite MARDEK such that it was actually set in Alora Fane, with all the sentiments and petals and five races and all that?!

It may confuse people who have already played original MARDEK; I suggest changing the names to fit the new world. Also, this would mean more work to convert the first 3 chapters.