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Blog: Monthly Update!!1

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Great job Pseudo, it seems things just keep going up and up (a few downs and ruts, but mostly ups!) for you! I've read all of the posts on Alora Fane that I could, and I am incredibly intrigued by the idea you came up with for AF:C! When you release the game, I will play it for hours (if I can and mom doesn't stop me)! I'll admit I played the beta once and got higgity haggity ADDICTED to it! It even gave me ideas for my own universe!

I feel that in improving happiness and yourself, you'll not only produce faster, but be much happier as well! I know mostly from experience it CAN work, but I can't give any complete positives that it always does, but yes! Keep trying! Keep driving on! THAT'S why I like you so much. You get stuck, and you push through eventually, despite all the mistakes or hardships you may face.

On the next topic, Yden also greatly interests me. Sure the characters may be staticly in place, but now that you've done research, you should know better than a lot of people how to integrate it! We'll see though, as you said, it's a gamble, but I'm glad you're willing to take it!

Next, Miasmon. How far this has come along in a sense! I am still interested in this, as I am addicted to monster catching stuff, and your universe of Fracture fits well, if you still use it and all (though it is most likely to change, I'm sure it'll still be cool!).

Lastly, it's great you have interest in MARDEK again, but I'm glad you want to finish your other projects first. No reason to dive head first into it when you have other games you've spent much too much time on to abandon yet!

All in all, the post was very POSITIVE and REFRESHING! As always, I hope this keeps up for you!