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y8man 20 Philippines PhlegmaticMelancholic INFJ 998 7C
Pseudo, you don't have to be a negative what-if thinker.
Millions have played your games, especially MARDEK.
Millions have loved your work.
Don't let the few hundred trolls and "aggressive" people knock you down.
There are a MILLION people who wants to put you up.
We are happy whenever you present us your works, which are always interesting and actually fresh.
The imagination your mind brings is unique and deserves to be shared.
You are one of the best developers in the world. Seriously.
While I am not good in giving emotional advice, please be more positive.
And oh-my, don't think about suicide.
You might end up like Robin Williams.
You are a very important person and someone cares about you.
In this case, millions of people do care about you and your games.
The force of a million supporters are stronger than the number of bad people.
While we may not be as passionate in words as they are, we would love to support and help you.
We would love to see you with us, sharing happiness to each other.
I have always been a big fan and I am still one.
Pseudo, you can do it. You have a good future ahead, I assure you.