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Dear Pseudolonewolf,
I just made this account to say YOU ARE GREAT.
I played mardek way back in 2007 and i loved it. I looked forward to each subsequent chapter as though it were from a AAA publisher. With the limited resources you had and the the fact that you made all of it by yourself is amazing. The fact that you are self taught and you made a very fun, good looking, and and often humorous series of games is astounding.

The secret other reason i made this account and made this post is to say i undertsand how it feels to have social anxiety. I cant say that i have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, probably because im too lazy too actually go see if i officially have it. What i can say is i know how it feels when people are critical of you. Of course I dont get anywhere near the degree of criticism you get because you put your art out around the world via the internet. but my nerves get wracked at the slightest missteps i take. every error i make, or i have perceived to have made irks me ever so. and i constantly go " Oh GOD everyone must hate me or thinks im an idiot." It crushes me ever so slightly every time. It builds and builds until i just turn off. i stop thinking or worse i begin to have intrusive thoughts about myself. I want to say i hope you dont let those feelings hinder you or the few bad eggs put in your mind that you cannot make great games or that you are not talented. I also hope i can put my own money where my mouth is and follow my own advice, maybe not the talented or games portion but i digress. I really hope i am not misinterpreting your condition or anything or even incorrectly pointed out what really bothers you in general, that would just be embarrassing. This is merely my personal interpretation of you based on my shallow knowledge of who you are only from this site and based on that i felt a sense of sympathy. You may never see or read this comment, and thats ok. The extra special secret reason i wrote this was to have a bit of a catharsis for myself. I've never done something like this and as i am writing this im starting to feel the anxiety build up of what you may think or what anyone else here may think. Also me misunderstanding you is also looming over the horizon, but i digress again.

I dearly wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and i am impatiently waiting for mardek chapter 4.

a fan