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Can you broadcast or tell me at least when will you resume working for MARDEK 4? The MARDEK Trilogy is so good! I'm so eager to play Mardek 4. Thank you!

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As A β Pseudolonewolf has already explained in painstaking detail, the work on MARDEK 4 has already begun and is likely to be released around mid-September 2014.

The plot involves a plague that kills 99% of the population, including all of MARDEK's allies from MARDEK 3. MARDEK must make his way from home to home scavenging for scarce supplies and searching for any survivors. Once he has found a survivor, he challenges them to a game of cards to determine whether they are worthy of their survival. If the challenger manages to defeat MARDEK, MARDEK will allow the survivor to join his motorcycle gang. If the challenger loses or cheats, the survivor and MARDEK do battle, the survivor is inevitably slain although MARDEK is separated from his favorite nostril in one of the conflicts. Following a battle, MARDEK chops the victim's corpse into little bits and uses it as bait for the mutated fish that swim in the undrinkable infected water. He uses ROHOPH lazers to eradicate the bacteria from within the fish, then eats them. Over time, MARDEK becomes desparate and starts to murder his companions one by one, until the one remaining companion, who is miraculously DEUGAN, mutinizes and a final battle ensues in which MARDEK is cut open and ROHOPH emerges from his dismembered body. ROHOPH and DEUGAN, once face to face, are overcome by irascible lust for one another that not only destroys the both of them but results in an infant boy who must raise himself in the dead world, living off maggots and grass and grows to refer to himself as "MARDEK," poising the series for the sequel, "MARDEK 5: BREAKFAST FEAREAL" in which MARDEK invents the morning meal unknowing that it previously existed in a previously existent but unknown world and...

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

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I would play that I would sooooo play that.
Nice story, really.