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david s

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david s 25 United States MelancholicCholeric ISFJ 621 1193C
Let's put it this way for grinding... I intend to finish my current run of MARDEK 3 with everyone at level 100 and with all skills learned and 10,000,000 GGC at least.

I grind enough to buy most of the finer equipment, though I will rush a little more early in a game until I unlock the more freestyle parts.(For example, I'll only buy the silver rings and gauntlets in M2 before the fight with Muriance, rather than the gold rings. I'll also avoid buying the swords, since you can find them elsewhere.) I tend to grind a lot more than needed at the end of a game.(Grinding up to level 9 in MARDEK 1 was not as much fun as I would have liked...)

In BF3 even I have a favourite, but I've still ensured that I made at least one kill with every weapon*, and I don't even have premium.(*Despite almost always being a medic, I can't seem to manage a defib kill... Then again, I tend to avoid hardcore mode.) I like the knife a lot, but by far my favourite weapons are the ones with the highest rates of fire. I'm pretty good on the MP7. 23 service stars, I think... But I haven't played in months, so that's probably not as good as it used to be compared to what everyone else does.

Seriously, I take defense to a whole new level in RTS games. In Blitzkrieg 2, my favourite battle style was to get my armour to the front, secure a warehouse, dig my armour in, get a supply line with armoured units protecting it, get my supply trucks to carry the supplies to my mobile artillery, get my repair vehicles to repair every tank, gun or building in my area of control, even the ones I wasn't using, then I'd have my artillery till the soil in front of my lines so that where once stood stone, now lies fine fertile soil, albeit with shell fragments every millimeter. ;) Then once I'm rather sure it's safe, I'll slowly advance either infantry with an officer constantly scouting out, or a sniper. Y'know, recon for specific artillery targets. I'll often send them with a heavy tank escort to recon the enemy forces. If any remain, and especially if they attack, the scouts pull back, the tanks hold them off, or kills them if possible, and the artillery finishes them off. Then once I do this, I order all my tanks to move up several feet, then stop. If I have no officers with binoculars to give me sight range, nor any snipers, then I'll just creep my defensive lines forward, one tank move up, dig back in, next tank move up to be next to it, dig in. Enemy spotted? Hold it off while artillery comes in.

I truly dread the battles where I have no artillery or no warehouses or... Dear god no... Those... Battles without supply trucks. ._. Because apparently soldiers can't figure out how to get their own ammo out of a warehouse. In those, you really have to be conservative with your ammo.(You have no idea how often I've had to call in reinforcements just because the tanks I have became useless by running out of ammunition.)

If I get the time and resources to get tonnes of units, I'll build beautiful defenses around my central fort, if you will. I defend it on all sides with anti-tank guns and tanks and infantry, dig trenches and everything. What's more is that I'll set up defenses even if they're facing the edge of the map, and the enemy can't possibly come from there. I just like to make it look official.
The Skull

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The Skull 23 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTJ 4w5 94C
Haha, wow, I don't think I'd have the patience for that. I tend to keep my characters low-level for the challenge! Although, that's not always the case. In several of the Final Fantasy games I got all my characters to 99 (except Final Fantasy VI - only Shadow was allowed to be level 99).

I don't have a defib kill either! I wasn't actually sure if you could get them in BF3. I favour Medic too, for the most part. The M249 SAW is my weapon of choice =P But I don't play a huge amount. I don't have premium, either. I swear everybody online now has premium.

I've never actually played Blitzkrieg 2. Your description has peaked my interest though, I think I need to look into that!

I like to do the same on RTS games, though. If there's freedom to place buildings and such I always like to make it look nice and proper. It *actually* annoys me not to have my setup looking real.

david s

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david s 25 United States MelancholicCholeric ISFJ 621 1193C
Y'know, I never really liked the M249 too much, either in the game or in real life. I vastly prefer the M240 Bravo, both in game and in real life.(It's more powerful in both, and more reliable and more accurate in the real world.) I've come to the conclusion that I do best with things that have really high rates of fire in most games. The higher the rate of fire, the better I do. That being said, I also do great when I can fill a role other people can't.

A prime example is that in BF3 I'll often be on a map that doesn't allow sniper rifles. This basically means everyone is charging rather than defending, and using CQB type weapons. In that case my normal cavalry charge style of fighting, involving the MP7, doesn't shine as much as it could. So instead I end up getting into whichever class I want other than Recon, most often I end up Medic, I'll get my DM weapon for that class(DM=Designated Marksman.) and I'll fill the role of the Designated Marksman, using something that does the same thing as a sniper rifle, but without the sniper rifle! In Engineer kit(Most useless kit ever.) I use the FN SCAR-H, the 6x scope, heavy barrel and bipod. In support I use the M27 IAR, 6x scope, heavy barrel and bipod. Same accessories in the "Assault"(Medic) kit, but with the HK G3. I'll usually put those in semi-auto or I'll fire in controlled bursts when I'm "sniping". I really don't like the feel of the Russian scopes, so I end up using the US ones. For the record, I did the "mastering" thing on the G3, the M27 and several other weapons, mostly the assault rifles.(Actually, the only non-premium assault rifles that I don't have at least 500 kills on are the AN-94 and the KH2002. I really don't like burst fire because I often need fully auto. That being said, it's different for pistols.)

For the longest time I despised the DAO-12 Streetsweeper(Shotgun) but then one time, when I was trying to get kills on it, I had the interesting situation of running into a lot more enemies than I expected. I had 12 shots in it, I was fighting in the crates in a TDM on Kharg Island, a bunch of enemy medics were pushing through, along with a support guy or two. I didn't have any backup, and we were going to be flanked if we lost that side and it was just me and my shotgun there. In less than 10 seconds I was attacked by just as many enemies, and I don't think I was even injured! The rate of fire sucks, the spread is way too much for any accuracy, the range is short but... in close quarters, the damage and ability to take on multiple targets make the DAO-12 the king of CQB.(The MP7 is the queen. Equal in ability, but used in a different way.) Still, as shotguns go, I love the Remington 870.(In real life and in the game.)

Anyway, I'm sorry to ramble there... I'm a big gun-nut and BF3 kinda helped satisfy me on that aspect.

Oh! In terms of realism, that's something else that's big and important to me. I hate how there are all these games, hundreds, nay thousands of them where one thing is missing virtually all the time: Bathrooms! In real life, virtually every building, at least in the developed world, has at least one bathroom in it. I hate how so many games lack bathrooms. In BF3 and BFBC:2 there were some, though in the case of BFBC:2 they only had Turkish Toilets.(Literally a hole in the floor with boards on the side.) When I customize maps in games, I'd always put a bathroom in every applicable building. Also, I'd put kitchens on military bases and sleeping quarters wherever they belonged.

Blitzkrieg 2 had a pretty good map editor. You could do a lot with it, but it was PAINFULLY COMPLICATED. It took me forever to figure out how to make enemy units and friendly units, but I still don't know how to set objectives and winning conditions.(Though I did figure out how to set up AI allies.)

The one thing about making a realistic setting that I really dislike is making towns. I quickly find that there are too few types of buildings to use, so you end up making everything repeatedly all over the place and it feels really stupid. Still, I guess I can manage it eventually.