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Game: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2

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I'm pretty sure that Vehrn and Zach will have a certain minimal level, for example if you don't train Zach he will have level 10 in chapter 3 whereas he were still level 5 in chapter 2. I don't know the level anymore though and because recently all my Mardek saves got lost I can't find out right now; It could be level 15 either.

But training Vehrn and Zach simultaneously is not too hard. I right now am playing Mardek 2 again (because, you know, all my save files are gone) and I just switch them when one leveled up. Of course sometimes I had to use Vehrn because he was simply more useful. I played normally without too much grinding and they're both level 11 now and I'm not finished yet with the chapter.