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6 years ago

Miasmon Bestiary 21: Ammos

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Game Information

Types: Undead / Stone
Stage: Essent

A monster that resembles some kind of fossil. Much of its body is encased in stone, but it can somehow propel itself with clunky little jumps and snap out with its fanged skull.

Design Notes

This is another one that I made the sprite of a while ago, which I've drawn now for the sake of adding it and its evolution.

It's based on an ammonite fossil combined with a generic dinosaur skull to create a sort of snake thing. I wonder how many teenagers would point out to me that ammonites were actually cephalopods though, as if I don't know.

I was really into dinosaurs when I was little and even wanted to be a palaeontologist... so I like the idea of adding monsters based on actual fossils. I always liked the fossil Pokemon, but this is a bit more direct about the whole 'fossil' thing.

No, you don't acquire this by reviving it from a fossil item. They live in the wild.

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You know, ammos actually means sand in greek.I don 't know if it is a coincidence that you named it like this but it suits it

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Blink 25 United States CholericMelancholic ENTP 8w7 37C
Ammonites were cephalopods, just clearing that up in case you were confused that they were reptiles (yes I read your whole post, it's a joke people.)! Stop making so many of these that I absolutely must have! I have a thing for undead/dark monsters... Appearantly someone else didn't think I was being humorous.