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6 years ago

Miasmon Bestiary 20: Sporc

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf

Game Information

Types: Humanoid / Plantoid
Stage: Transient

The evolved form of Fungoblin. They carry their three-pronged 'spear' everywhere with them, and use it gracelessly in combat. They smell extremely strongly of mud and mushrooms.

Design Notes

Fungoblin originally evolved straight into a Prime form called 'Sporgre', but I've added this form between the two. Goblin to Orc to Ogre seems a sensible progression to me.

Its name is based on 'spore' and 'orc'... but since it sounded so much like 'spork', I gave it one as a weapon. It's likely that'll be the most notable feature about it.

It has moss rather than hair on its arms since it's part plantoid.

I bet you're all just dying to train this sexy beast. It will certainly top everyones' favourite monsters lists.

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This Miasmon looks really awesome, I really have to get one of these but I wonder how would a female Sporc would look like.... XD. if you're thinking about making a female version of Sporc please make it spectacular and really good looking.

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I assume this creature's very physical? I absolutely cannot conceive what its evolutionary form looks like.

It's great that you're releasing these concept art, A β Pseudolonewolf.

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Thewooter 27 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTJ 5w6 123C
So this is my pantoid monster of choice defently! 100%, because he reminds me of me! I don't care how bad his attacks or stats are! I just want to train this lil bugger! This is also another exemple of something i was thinking about! Such good ideas from somone who doubts himself far too much!

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It all falls into place so beautifully.
The Crimson Sun

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I have to say, I never saw this coming, and yet it makes so much sense. The double meaning for the name is fantastic, and I'm even a fan of the design. A serious contender for my party. On that note, how many Miasmon will we be able to carry around with us at once?

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This one will become my flagship. He looks dynamic and versatile. With his practicable weapon he can probably deal deadly strikes with high precision as well as then proceeding easily to eat his slain foes with it. If they will not dissolve immediately into miasma though ... meh, he just'll have to eat fast then.

But seriously, he probably got himself a heavy pack of physical strength and when the next form's an ogre, then I really have to get me a fungoblin to work with.

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Blink 25 United States CholericMelancholic ENTP 8w7 37C
I must have one! I laughed hysterically when I saw it's name and that you gave it a spork. Plus it's just so sexy, it looks kinda like my dad...