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6 years ago

Please don't PM me about bugs...

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If you find something broken somewhere, please don't PM me about it. There's a 'To Do List' thread which is 'sticky' at the moment, so it's best if you post about things there.

If you PM me, that means that I have to either act on it as soon as I read the PM, or I have to leave the PM open in a tab to remind myself. Neither of these things are desirable, and they rather add to the stress I'm already having to endure from working on so many things at once...

If however you post in that thread, I can leave it in my Messages inbox, and can get around to it when I'm ready, when I have the time, then I can mark it as read when it's done. It might also make other people less likely to report the same problem.

Speaking of that thread... It's full of things that I've still not got around to doing. I'm trying to work by a timetable at the moment, and much of my day is consumed by working on Miasmon (which I've been doing in a very motivated and focused kind of way), or tedious real-life necessities like eating and sleeping and making sure I'm not too unbearably unclean.
I've got basically no time set aside for working on the site, so expect progress to be very slow for a while. I'll get to things 'when I can'.

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Edit: I think I just found a slight error, I posted this in the bubbles to 'www' blog post and for some reason it ended up here.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you get better soon.

I think using the old url is a good idea since it will make it easier to access and find this site.


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Feel free to spend your days as you like; the website is functional, fantastic, and already exceeding expectations.

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Oh, i'm sorry. i thought i was supposed to PM you if i found a bug.