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3 years ago

Posts re MARDEK on Alora Fane!

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I'm posting about my current development progress exclusively on my ∞ Alora Fane site ∞ at the moment, so if you've got here via my released games, you'll find all my latest work there!

I'm working on MARDEK IV, you know!! Well, sort of. Though it's probably not what you expect if this is the first you've heard of it.

(I'm writing this because my site's stats show that this site is getting twice as many hits as my Alora Fane one. I suppose all the links in the games DO bring people here, after all! I may resume updating Fig Hunter in the future, but I don't know when that'll be.)

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To respond to Monsters Spawn Monsters on your AF site...

Your personal life though you have said you won't talk about it anymore several times... is actually interesting and a piece important to know because your work is a reflection of yourself, there is a part of you distinguishable in each character you brew, each conversation you script and most importantly learning how you grow as a person can help us predict to a point some of what will happen in the next Mardek :D

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Good on you pseudo. That was... pretty thrilling, actually. It's gladdening that you're improving...

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I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Three cheers for self-improvement!

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Hey yo!
I personally love Mardek, and I'm glad to hear about Mardek IV! Glad to see this post, I was wondering how it was doing after that last post here on Fig all that time ago!