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I've been posting MARDEK updates on the Alora Fane blog recently, but there's one that I just wrote that I want to mention here.

Basically, I wonder whether I could get away with making Mardek female in this reboot, and possibly renaming the series 'ROHOPH' instead: ∞ LINK ∞
It's a thought, not a decision!!!

I made a poll about it too (linked to from that post), so it'll be interesting how huge the 'VERY NEGATIVE' majority will be!!!11

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You do seem to have the problem that Mardek was never much of a main character... but what if he was?
With a full reboot, you have an opportunity to make the man (or woman?) in whose head Rohoph resides a more interesting character.
What if he objects to or argues with Rohoph more? What would Rohoph do? What COULD he do, and how would that affect Mardek?
There's a lot that can be done with two characters sharing a body, especially if their compatability is just slightly off (maybe Rohoph embodies an emotion one to the right or left of Mardek's?)

If Mardek is to remain a clueless, bland hero, perhaps it would be better to have Rohoph take him over completely (perhaps after he dies or something, so it's not all like "blarg, evil posession time"), and follow Deugan's reaction to his best friend's body walking around without his best friend in it.

Though it is a good thing to note that Rohoph himself was starting to feel more villainous than goody-goody Mardek was ready for at the end of the third installment...

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Thewooter 27 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTJ 5w6 123C
I don' know why you saying you "barely knew Mardek" hit me in such an emotional place. . . I feel like i don't have anything to come back to here any more.... wow.. i must have identified with Mardek WAY more than i thought i did...HA, I'm the embodiment of a a generic, uninteresting white guy.....who has no depth... just silly lines.

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BunnyHop 28 India MelancholicPhlegmatic INTJ 1w9 36C
Great idea! I'm tired of playing a guy all the time; or a sorcerer/mage/cleric. No an androgynous person isn't the same as a girl. Besides it would be a nice change if the main hero had to be a girl.

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I think it should be up to you to do what you feel would be the best route however saying that I'll put my opinion below.

I think that Mardek should remain male. This isn't because I don't want a female protagonist but rather because the choice has already been made and a lot of your fans would feel strange about the change.

However I do think that in a future project that would be a great idea for you to do and I'd certainly be interested in playing. Although that's not saying much either way about the merits of the idea as I'm interested in playing any game you put out.

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Thewooter 27 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTJ 5w6 123C
I just realised....

This is going to be a new game.

With new graphics...

With new characters..

in a new location...

I..i think wolf is basically saying he has outgrown the old Mardek and that battle system and storyline is done... and this is a new game.

The title is just so people wont shrug it off and will actually give it a try this time. (NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE PLAYED RADER!)

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You might want to advertise it as a spin-off rather than as a main Mardek game. It's a fact that you can do anything you want with a series as long as it's not the main branch, e.g. Megaman Zero has a red robot instead of Megaman, Megaman X has fancier Megaman in the future, New X-Men has different xmen and Mario Kart has Mario racing with Browser on karts (wtf).

The point is, everyone is going to be weirded out if you say "Mardek is now a girl (also an angel)". It seems quite a change to the setting at first glance. But -- if you call it New Mardek X: Legend of Marada (which I guess you plan on doing anyway since you aren't keeping the same title) -- then people will be more prepared. They will think "it's called New Mardek, it is *supposed* to have a different feeling than boring regular Mardek" and then you can do anything you want (some might still be disappointed since they expected regular Mardek but that's life).

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Hopefully you still read Fighunter!?! Maybe?!

Anyway, I personally am fairly attached to the old Mardek, and if more diversity is what your going for i think making you being able to choose Mardek's gender is a far better choice. (though, admittedly, a bit more work for you.) Alienating past fans by changing the gender of an iconic character would be your biggest concern i think. But i don't Hate the idea of him being Female, I wouldn't be horribly against it, but, it would just be, odd.

Oddly enough the thing that bugged me most about the whole thing would be the name change to the series, the name Mardek made it always seem like it was Mardek's story, and though he's a rather minor character in the grand scheme of things, it always kinda felt like i was Mardek instead of simply watching the hero "Do what he has to do." or something. Mardek was always a character i could superimpose myself onto, which is why im personally so attached.

Anyway, from your recent post it seems that you've decided what your going to do. So Good luck and all that!!

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Avarion 29 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INFP 655 21C
I think if you went through with this it'd be a huge mistake.

On the one hand, we all understand at this point that this new Mardek will be a fresh start, a new vision of the concept done in a completely different way. On the other hand, big changes like this push the game in the direction of being more of a tribute of the original.

You also mention that at least some of your reasoning lies behind wanting to attract more women to your work... I really don't think this is the way to do this for a few reasons;

1) Mardek was never really that manly a character anyway - it adds more to his character that he isn't a guy with those traits. Turning the character into a woman would require some rethinking of how the character works, otherwise I can imagine some people thinking you were writing the stereotypical "dumb blonde" type, which would put people of both genders off really, especially women.

2) You have a fairly strong chance of alienating the fanbase you currently have. For those of us that have been here throughout the series as you released the games, we've grown to Mardek as a character, as well as the rest of the cast.

You've already mentioned that you've changed a lot of the cast around which could be interesting depending on how it's done, but such a major change to the main character itself could end up pushing people away.

3) Your reasoning for this is to get more people interested, specifically women. Whilst I can see why you'd want to get more people interested, I can't agree with the method. I've been a gamer all my life really and I've watched so many games and companies lose their way through trying to make compromises in order to attract people that they wouldn't normally.

The thing about your games up to this point is that they undeniably have a certain vibe to them - you have a distinct personality that comes through in your games and it adds a lot to them. I can't help but worry that changing things just to try and get more people interested will get you making decisions you wouldn't normally and lose some of the soul of the game as a result.

I'm still interested to see where this project goes either way, but I'm hoping that you decide to not change Mardek's gender.
Tama Yoshi

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Tama Yoshi 24 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric INTJ 513 472C
"I don't see it"

I don't see how turning MARDEK into a women would result in something much better than a 'stupid blond' sort of character. I mean, MARDEK is not very smart. He's clueless, brotherly, and has good intentions and a strong will. He lives to be like Old Fox. I don't see how the female character would translate well, considering this.

I'm not thinking "women sucks!"
You need to convey the idea better, because right now you put a lot of emphasis on "pleasing the right audience", and as Mania said, it seems to be a fairly clinical move. The fact is that women are better at reading novels with an opposite-gender protagonist than men are. Take Harry Potter, for instance. The main character is male, and Hermione is a "support" character, and romantically laden. But it doesn't prevent Hermione from being a strong female character with a good deal of depth. Harry Potter is popular among girls.

What I fear is that you are being hyper-feminist, diminishing man rather than promoting women. You've been acting, to a degree, misandric, and I am unsure whether this made you do the best choices, story-wise.

Changing the sex of the main character must not be an offhand move. You need to find *good reasons* to change the gender. MARDEK as a man has a brotherly relationship with Deugan, and the ghost of a love triangle with Emela. These interesting dynamics might be diluted if he is a she.
When I say I don't see it, it doesn't mean it's bad. You could find interesting way to promote MARDEK's feminine side, or to preserve the dynamics he had as a man. I'm unsure *how big* a difference it must ultimately make to change a character's gender (since women can be boyish and men girly).

Have you thought well enough about this?

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LSCohen 25 Israel MelancholicSanguine ISFJ 291 210C
I am aware that you don't read any comments. But atleast heed to some awesome name changes I had in mind with some friends from the figchat.
Instead of mardekina, female mardek: Merada.
Instead of deugan-> Deune.
Emela-> Emerun
Vehrn: Valeria.
Zach: Zeia.
Gloria -> gorio
Elwyen... I had in mind but forgot.
Meraeador to Meraeadith.
Steele: Stelline.
Sharla: Carl.
Donovan: Dánèy
Sslenck and Solaar we haven't agreed on anything. Maybe Sslenck will stay the same.
I hope these will help in making New names! ^^