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3 years ago

Favourite MARDEK character? (EDIT)

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As I revise MARDEK's story and characters, I can't help but wonder constantly which of the characters people care about the most... Especially when I wonder things like "hey, what if this character was killed off here?!" Surely that wouldn't be appreciated if it was a character that people liked!!1 (And no, I'm not killing off characters casually.)

Anyway, I've started a poll about this here: ∞ LINK ∞

I used an external site rather than this site's poll feature because that allows more answers, and it allows non-members to vote too. I'm rather curious to see what the results will be!

EDIT: Due to complaints, I've replaced the poll with a different one from a different provider.

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Keep in mind, though, that killing off near and dear characters isn't necessarily a bad thing-- tragedy can often make for great games (The Walking Dead and The Last of Us come to mind).