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4 years ago

Weekly Update - Miasmon Ideas

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
The full post is on the Alora Fane blog: ∞ LINK ∞

I wrote about Miasmon-related ideas this week in a totally long and not-at-all mind-numbing way!! I still want to do something with this game idea, though I'm still not sure what it's going to be; I've poured too much time and effort into it to abandon it! A freemium mobile game is most likely, I suppose.

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Kalin 43 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic INTJ 5w6 201C
I wasn't too excited about Miasmon before (I never had any interest in Pokemon), but this is looking really good. My favorite part of Deliverance was the open-ended crafting system where you could just throw together whatever you had found and see what it makes.

A β Pseudolonewolf said:
you can't really grow connected to the monsters if all they are is a manifestation of the combination of gems...

Since we're collecting gems rather than monsters, what if we say your char is crafting a "battle avatar"?

A β Pseudolonewolf said:
I'm the sort who doesn't really care about battle technicalities when I play games anyway...

Which is a little ironic since it's your battle technicalities I love most about your games (also the non-battle technicalities). I've been thinking a lot about this system and how to make it work. (Spoiler tagged so you can ignore my suggestions.)

  Spoiler for avoiding dud recipes:

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NeonXP 27 Switzerland PhlegmaticMelancholic INTJ 631 35C
The game itself seems like a great concept but Freemium games are a very player-unfriendly model and, in my opinion, a really bad idea. If it works, it works for mobile giants rather than indie devs.
Mobile games aren't bad in and of themselves but have a smaller demographic (and usually neglect Windows Phone).
I would way rather pay a fixed amount in pounds for a finished product.
(Obligatory "This is my opinion only").

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How would you get new Gems?, Would wild monsters have a chance to drop broken gems or something?, It sounds a little confusing reading it but I think I understand I learn better by playing anyway and it sounds awesome from what I've read.

Both the 1st and 2nd idea sound good to me the only part I don't like is it being a mobile game but oh well if that's what it has to be.

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Macheman7 19 United States SanguineMelancholic INFJ 4w5 289C
I assume by broken gems you mean gems that could could repair, correct? That or slightly weaker gems than those you might find in chests or by buying them, the same Sentiment as the creature that dropped them.

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I really think those ideas are great! The limb targeting sounds specially good. It sounds like Miasmon will be something fresh and new so it won't just be "another monster-hunter game". It really doesn't sound all that over-complicated, as long you introduce the players to each mechanic gradually. How would you turn it into a freemium? Which features would be paid?

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PixelTzar 27 United States INTP 564 37C
Will stun reset the bar? It does this in a few versions of Final Fantasy I have played(which is the reference you mentioned). Also, Good work! hope we get to try it soon!

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Good to hear you've refound inspiration for making games!

Your ideas for Miasmon sound great! When I played an unfinished version many years ago I was really intrigued about the characters and the world you had created; I really wanted to explore it and hopefully I'll be able to soon. I really liked the atmosphere created by the short unfinished version.

Why don't your companion/Pokemon represent a physical manifestation of the owner's emotions/personality? So the gem would take the owner's personality and project it in the physical world in the form of these Pokemon-like creatures. As one bonded to the creatures, one would also discover things about him/herself as the creature after all a part of one's personality and furthermore if one was naturally courageous, the courageous gem would generate a stronger creature.

Limb-targetting is a really great game mechanism (like in Dwarf Fortress), but might not be appropriate for a Pokemon-inspired game?

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y8man 20 Philippines PhlegmaticMelancholic INFJ 998 7C
I really want to try the game right now!
Such a bright and interesting idea.
Good to see you back inspired, Pseudo! :)

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Matreud 24 Brazil CholericSanguine INFP 8C
That seems like an awesome idea. Rather than a cheap pokemon copy, much like a lot of other games around the internet, it actually seems like a new gaming experience. Id totaly play that *.*