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4 years ago

Not a weekly update!!!1

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I wrote something else on the Alora Fane blog!! ∞ LINK ∞

Apart from that thing, there's also something I want to say about Fig Hunter. It MAKES ME SAD to think that the community here has dissolved! I mean, I know I did a godawful job of running it, and I wasn't exactly subtle with how I felt about it (understatement!!), but I did at the same time realise that it brought many people joy; that it was a place they came to to be with similar minds, with friends... It's such a shame that people might have fled simply because the owner is an arsehole...

I'm not really sure what I can do about the situation, though I do want to explicitly say that I'm happy to keep the place up and running as somewhere that people can come to be with others, to talk, etc, even if I personally don't participate. I've been doing this anyway, but I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not going to be suddenly shutting the place down or anything.

It's probably too little too late by now, but oh well. I do feel bad about how things turned out. I can at least say that running this place over the years has taught me many things about how to actually run a community. Some lessons were harsher than others, and many failures were involved on my part. I'm just hoping that I'll do a better job with my next community, if indeed there is to be a next one! I do fear that my behaviour here will leave scars on my reputation forever. Hmm.

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Well having created my account 2 years ago I never really was a part of the community I just wonder onto this site maybe twice a year to see how you're going and to see how the games are progressing.

It's really sad to see that you aren't going so well lately, I've always loved your games (Beast Signer mostly) and the site in general. To be honest I don't believe a community is necessary but it is definitely helpful to have that support and a way for fans to get in contact with you so you should try to support the community as much as possible because they will be the people who experience your journey along with you. Anyway it's never too late to get the community back and running. Just try your best as long as you do that you shouldn't have any regrets.

I'm not sure exactly what you did in the past but it's not impossible to turn things around :) Good luck.

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Vekel 21 United States CholericMelancholic INFP 8w7 41C
FH has not dissolved because the owner is an arse. FH has dissolved because there is NO owner. Pseudo is on once a week at most. That hardly qualifies as being an owner. Hand the reins to someone else.

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Sinapi 25 Netherlands MelancholicCholeric INFJ 78C
A community largely is a product of itself. Do not blame Spudo for not feeling comfortable as a part of what this community is. Community management is a big job that is difficult to always do to the liking of the community in question, and it is a different thing entirely to also be the sole owner and creator of a site. If you don't like the way this site is in the... Oh, whole four months or so you've had an account here, perhaps you should find a community which suits you better. Perhaps you should also not pass judgment on the strife of a community without having been present for any of the history of it.

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Hmm. I'd certainly wouldn't want to be Pseudo in this situation. He says he wants to rebuild or start another community, but he's only said it, and right after that, he said he's going to play a ton of games because he's constantly sad and makes sad stories. I do believe his reputation is in tattered tatters.

I honestly can't believe Pseudo has gone through such a big change after all of the lows he reached while trying to attract 'sensitive females', all of the pleas for him to stop and all of the drama he caused in retaliation.

It is terribly sad that FH has dissolved incredibly over the years, despite what others say. It's now just a collective of probably around 20 active people including Pseudo himself.

Part of me wants to believe Pseudo has become a better person, but I know deep down in myself that he may just as well say he's making MARDEK 4 and releasing it to Steam in a few weeks.

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M β DeNovo 30 United States MelancholicSanguine INTP 5w4 69C
I'm optimistic that if you keep a positive, friendly outlook on this site and remain a professional, if distant presence, you should be able to foster a new, lively community no less active than the past! If it's any consolation, people who join and became prominently active on fighunter have always seemed to come and go in waves. Some have stayed more active for longer than others, but the experience usually suggests that new members eagerly joins the site, meets new, exciting people they bond with and start socially interacting with regularly, and eventually as people get older the time they have to spend on a gaming website decreases.

This hasn't been true for two groups, though:
1. Your loyal followers!
Though all of us probably joined this site wanting to meet the maker of Mardek, some of us are here now because we like you, as a person, and are interested in helping you as much as we can. The people you've trusted enough to beta test the game are the same people (mostly) who try their best to help you make successful games. I imagine those of us who stayed on will continue to help you as we can.

2. The "thorns" in your side.
These sorts of people tend to be here for a wide variety of reasons, and of the ones you found especially pernicious and persistent, some were just as drawn to you as your loyal followers, even if the outcome was much less enjoyable for you. Your distancing yourself from fighunter has made this less of a problem, and it's actually better for both these people and yourself that you don't have as many opportunities to interact. These people probably will slowly trickle off of the site.

All in all, friendly welcomes and healthy emotional distance seem like a good way to go.

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anakin123 19 Belgium MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 459 282C
In that regard, a list of Thorns would be useful.
Actually, no, it wouldn't be. I'd be on it.

The point of the above was; some of these 'Thorns' in Pseudo's side do actually feel sorry for the disfort they've caused, but have little (read: None at all) chance to tell him that (I'm talking about myself mainly.)

So, maybe a healthy emotional distance might seem good, as long as that'd include -some- kind of interaction with his community. The post of Vekel made it painfully obvious that some people would rather see Pseudo replaced. (Not one of those people, for the record.)

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Matreud 23 Brazil CholericSanguine INFP 8C
I hope this makes you feel better, even though I don't think it will even if you read it:
I played your games for an awnful amount of time, played every one of the Mardeks 4 or more times, and today I finally discovered this place and thought of saying how much hours of good times you game me with those, and I really think you're an awesome developer.

I don't know how big of a community you had going on here, and I also don't know what made it disapear but just reading that first post I can already tell. You don't give yourself enough credit. I felt really discouraged to create an account to comment after reading you calling yourself a big arse, but I remembered all the good things that you made for me and got the balls to come here and help you through this.

A community won't appear unless you give them a good reason, and insults to yourself aren't good reasons. You made awesome games once, I'm shure you can make them again. Take your time to get inspiration, change things here and there and when YOU (not anyone else, YOU) are happy with the result, then just get that off your back and see if people like it. I'm really looking foward to new games, and I'd rather wait for a good game than play a bad game right now, so take your time, change wathever you don't like, and remember: You can always build a new reputation as long as you try hard enough

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In spite of everything that has transpired in your life and within this site. I'll be forever grateful for its existence. This site has meant a lot for me in the past, as it did A LOT to shape me into who I am today, and even perhaps thanks to it I'm still alive without any self-destructive thoughts. So I have nothing but thank-yous. I really wish those were edible, but unfortunately they aren't. I really don't know how could I ever thank you, the obvious start would be to support you but... aside from the pitiable ad revenue I don't really know how.

Anyways, I'm ranting here, the one thing I want you to know is that I'm thankful, so thank you.

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PixelTzar 27 United States INTP 564 37C
Well Fighunter is just a blog with little going for it at the moment. It is ok the community will withstand with whatever is left or it wont. Either way most people who have joined this site probably wish you the best so as long as you know that you gained more good then bad from this site.

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thouit 20 United States CholericPhlegmatic INTJ 529 10C
I'm pretty sure the remaining few of us still here don't think you're an arsehole,I wish I had more to say on the matter,but it's rather irrelevant how you feel about this place is entirely on you and the actions of people here. You did a fine job running it for as long as you did and some people are just can't be pleased,Don't worry about that just do what you enjoy,Honestly..I'm surprised you haven't gave up on this yet,It doesn't seem to bring you any great amount of joy.
Tama Yoshi

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Tama Yoshi 24 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric INTJ 513 472C
It is still widely disappointing to be so close to the admin (on his own site and blog), and yet having this intense feeling that he will never read anything anyone writes (especially males, as transpires the more positive Soultome).

I think it's the difference of appeal between 'fans that matter' and 'fans that are background noise'. This is actually intensified with the discrepancy of how some categories of people are valued more than others.

I don't even mean actual responses; he doesn't have the time or energy to respond. I mean he doesn't *read* the feedback.

I believe things will get better, I wait eagerly to see a better Pseudo. I'm pessimistically enthusiast, is what I am.

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Avarion 29 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INFP 655 21C
Whilst the community here has shrunk considerably, we haven't fully dissolved. Even with everything going on, there are still a good number of us hanging around and seeing if we can make this place work. I think we can, personally. I think most people will agree with me though when I say it hasn't been the same since you've not been participating.

To be fair, we were incredibly lucky to have a dev actually involved and invested in the community around their games for that period, so I thank you for that.

As far as the reputation stuff goes, there's two sides to it really;

1) I think our reputation as a community is as important as yours. To be fair, the community reputation isn't exactly great either at the moment. Both sides have definitely made mistakes, I'm definitely part of that as well so I want to take this opportunity to say sorry. I always meant well, but admittedly overreacted at some points.

2) You say it's too late, but really, it never is. You're clearly showing now that you feel bad about what happened and what can be done from now on and that's really good! I think now we've hit a point where both sides have backed down - for the first time in a while we actually have a chance to properly fix things if you're willing.

Your reputation might have taken a hit, but so has ours. :) If it is breakable, it is fixable. Given enough chance and enough effort from both sides, we can all get past this.

It's also good that you've learned lessons for either this or the next community, and I think there should be one. Given the "make your own adventure" type thing you have going with Alora Fane, it could give the community something to revolve around.

Ignore this last bit if you like but just an opinion - ultimately this is a site for your games and so on... The personality type stuff is interesting, or at least it is to me, but I think you should think it through a bit before adding stuff too far away from games to the site in future, that seemed to split the community up quite a bit I think. Maybe having it on another site and having links there would be good?

I mean, personally I liked the changes up until the end of Archive (temperaments, orbs etc.), but most things after that just seemed to stray too far from the nature of the site. I dunno, just a thought. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you're making an attempt to reach out to us again. Most of us here want this place, the community and of course yourself happy and back to normal!