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Weekly Update

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Another weekly update: ∞ LINK ∞

Summary: Sorry.

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I'd like to join my voice to the five other people so far who've said that they would love or want to play a darker, more depressing game.


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Stalthdan 22 United Arab Emirates PhlegmaticMelancholic INFP 596 4C
Pseudolonewolf said:
I focused a lot on things like social anxiety, isolation, depression, friendlessness, and the like, plus retreating into imagination and being different from others.

That actually sounds really interesting, I was always hoping for a game like this! Such a shame he's abandoning it. :|

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Thewooter 27 United Kingdom CholericMelancholic INTJ 5w6 123C
I think we are looking at this in the wrong way.

Who were the beta testers who voided this as too disturbing? This is what I want to know.

And this is just another example of a expressionist mind coming up a bunch of ppd loving COD playing generic puissants?

I would hope not, I would hope that plusdos beta tested with the preselected members of fig hunter that he used to test mardek and such. this result of the fallout of the leak that occurred earlier, because he had to find new(sub standard) testers.

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The beta testers who evaluated this game are the same as the beta testers who evaluated the last one. I have not yet played it because I was busy, so I don't even know that it was about. If someone has said that there were problems with the game, I'd believe it, though unfortunately I think A β Pseudolonewolf has probably exaggerated the severity of the issue in his mind.

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If the editor is good enough, it doesn't need the crutch of a premade quest because the community will do that sort of work for you. If you're worried about the current product seeming unfinished, it's probably a sign that the editor itself could use some revision/expansion, which might be work that you're more inclined to do.

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And nothing of value was lost.


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Dang. I love depressing stories. Russian literature is one of my favorite things to read. A nice RPG permeated with loneliness, alienation, betrayal and depression would be right up my alley, and I'm bummed to again suffer for being in the minority in my preferences. Well, either way, I'll try to make some extremely depressing and disillusioning story-lines on AF:C when it comes out, just to make up for the deficit that you're now planning.

Summary: I wish you'd release it anyway, but whatever, I'll keep waiting.

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crazycolorz5 20 United States MelancholicCholeric INTP 5w4 126C
I agree. I would much enjoy a story of any tone, as long as it conveyed its feeling well.

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Avarion 29 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INFP 655 21C
I know it's important for you to have an example of the type of thing that you can create, but perhaps you should just consider releasing it without one?

There are plenty of other game creators out there (RPG Maker instantly comes to mind) where no sample games are provided - that doesn't stop people buying it and making games with it. Since people can make and share the games they make as well, there would probably be pretty good example quests up in a short time period anyway, particularly from the testers that are already up to speed with how it works.

I know it isn't an ideal outcome for you, but maybe it'll be better this way so you can free yourself up to work through the things that effect you without the burden of trying to get something out there. There's nothing stopping you at all from coming back at a later time and making and adding your own quests then with your improved mindset.

Anyway, take all the time you need. We want a happy and well Pseudo and if you need to take time away from all this to make that happen, that's what you should do. :)

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i hope you'll be able to attain full and durable happiness :)

by the way, i had an idea about the game (maybe you alreay thought of it). the quests people create will be shared among players, right ? then why not do something like a classment based on the numberof times a quest is played and also a random quests suggestions and maybe create a categorie "approved by the creator" i think people would be happy that you liked their creation.

not sure how well i said this but in others words, it would seems like "you created a quest, why not share it and plays other people's quests. still want more then why not try the popular ones and then why not try quest that were even aprroved by the creator of the game " something like that ^^

to be honest, i'm not so sure about the "approved by the creator" thing just cause it feels like it would be an objet of conflict between players like "bla bla bla you only said this because your quest was chosen by pseudo, you bastard ..." based on how was the community here a few months ago ... well basically if some people would want conflict among players they would probably use this ...

but then if it's possible to get like this, why not make your appreciation of the quests "non-apparent", for example use some of the best quests in your others games most likely as side quests, i think this would be great for you and for the players, they would feel like they were able to show their apprecitiation and help you.

but still, i thinks you should use the quests players create if you ever run of ideas for your games, you might find a quest that would be great and that you would never thought of making it like this, for example.

can't wait to play the game AND to see you truly happy :)

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I'm really curious as to how your game turned out, makes me wanna play it just out of curiosity!

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Chessplayer 20 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic INFP 925 38C
*Hugs* It's okay Pseudo, really. :)

I know you feel like you have to try and make your fans happy, but the truth is that our happiness really isn't going to matter in the long run if you're still miserable, especially if your misery is being reflected in the games you make.

The thing about RPGs, well good RPGs, anyway, that make them so great in my opinion, is not the battles, not the achievements, but the story and the characters. There are tons of RPGs out there that focus on battling monsters without any real purpose, and while they may be fun for awhile, they don't really "stick" to you. This is why games like Final Fantasy and yes, especially MARDEK, stand out, because you're fighting for reason, for a cause, with characters that actually feel real! Not anyone can make a good RPG, because a good RPG requires SOUL. You have to WANT to make the game as much as people want to play it, and you have to feel a personal connection with it; that's why RPGs take so long to make.

My RPG tangent aside, there was a point to this post. Pseudo, you pour your heart and soul into the games you make, which is what makes them so great. But when your heart is filled with despair, your games will inevitably reflect that. So yes, take your time, relax, and find your inner passion again. Maybe playing a few RPGs will inspire you. And remember, when it comes to story games, it is worth it for us to wait, and quality is always better than quantity.

tl;dr : Go ahead and get out of your depression before trying to make games, because we won't be happy until you are. :)