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4 years ago

Should I reverse the bans?

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I banned the five people who were 'weeded' all at once after a discussion with my moderators and other trusted people about who would best be removed from the community to make it nicer for everyone else; it's why Drake and Ratio were banned even though I knew basically nothing about them. Since I'm mostly detached from the community anyway these days, and these bans seem to have done more harm than good, it would be possible for me to reverse them if that would make the community happier.

Well, I'm willing to reverse some of them, at least.

I get the feeling that !!  SaviorSephiroth might not even be welcomed back anyway? He's done really horrible things, and they hurt others rather than me. So it seems unlikely that he's going to be unbanned.

I'm not going to unban !!  SelfReferential. No way. He's caused me too much pain. This is the only one where my own feelings matter more than anyone else's. I just don't want someone like that on my site. I can't bear it.

I don't like !!  Heiveldboy, but I think that's because he has Asperger's tendencies that just generally rub a sensitive delicate little flower like me the wrong way, even though they're 'not his fault'. I also think a big reason I banned him might have been because I was told that he was tormenting Frances or something? Perhaps it was even her who pushed most for his banning? Interesting how their fiery conflicts didn't earn them much scorn, while my own actions towards each of them did. But anyway.
(I could have horribly misremembered that, by the way, and accused people of things they didn't do, so if it's not true, then it's because I'm an idiot rather than because I'm trying to tarnish any names.)
If the community is willing to not just tolerate - but to appreciate and accept - Heiveldboy despite being how he is (and the poll suggests that this is the case, though I wonder if that's just because people are quick to defend a 'victim' whoever they are (as long as they're not me, anyway!!1)), then I will let him back in if he's even interested in that.

(Can you sense my bitterness, by the way?! Maybe not because it's JUST SO SUBTLE.)

I don't really know !!  Ratio enough to say anything about him, so it's up to the community to decide that. I just banned him because my moderators suggested it.

!!  Drake, however, has shown himself to be a sadistic monster who's not getting back in. Thankfully the poll shows that most people hate him anyway.

And then there's !!  Frances... I don't like Frances (this revelation surely comes as a shock, I know), and I do think that in many ways her sharing of my private thoughts was unforgivable. I hate her belligerent nature, victim mentality, and the way she turned so much of the community against me. But at the same time, I'm no saint; to her I was a bully because I was so ignorant of the issue that's caused her so much torment. I see how I embodied things that have caused her so much pain and anger over the years. I don't want to interact with her, but at the same time I can understand that others might, and that I caused her pain in the same way that she caused me pain, and, well, it's all such a messy situation anyway. If she's willing to return and people want her to, then I can reluctantly grit my teeth and allow it.

!!  Pixeldragon was banned alongside !!  Frances, and I didn't really comment on that. She was the one who shared my private thoughts with Frances, betraying my trust, and that, too, seems unforgivable. But I can certainly say that I failed to be the friend she wanted several years ago when we actually talked a bit, due to innumerable faults of my own, and if Frances was able to fill that role much more adequately than I ever could, then it stands to reason that Pixeldragon would defend this new ally from whatever nasty, unfair things she saw me saying about her. I hate it, and it hurts so much, what happened, but what good does cutting people down really do, anyway? It just makes everyone feel worse. If she wants to return, then she can... though not to my other site, of course, only here.

Perhaps these people don't even want to get back in; being banned must hurt a lot, and maybe their opinion of this place is far too tainted by that. Maybe they hate me too much to be part of anything I'm involved in. But I do realise that a community has built up here, and fractures in any community are a bad and horrible thing... I don't want to be the cause of conflicts, of separated friends, of unnecessary drama... especially if I'm only going to be hiding away in my little cave anyway. If I'm not amidst the community, does it really matter to me who they are? Their views matter more than mine, in that case. Your views, I mean.

It's important to me to try to minimise harm, and I don't consider myself infallible. So these bans, which I thought were a good idea, seem not to have been, and as such I'm willing to reverse that if it might soothe any pain.

I think I'll start some other forum polls asking people which of these members should be unbanned, and I'll make my decision based on those.

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!!  L 23 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric ENTP 777 36C
RIP SaviorSephiroph. He was an old friend of sorts. Shocked to come on here and see this has happened. Sephiroph if you see this try to contact me.
Sir Vitor

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If there are people you think that that you are not 100% sure of banning, then unban them, but warn them seriously.
But if I must say, the decision must be only yours. If there are "trolls" in here, just do as other RPG players do...smash their skulls with a hammer (metaphorically, in your case). Otherwise, if you keep banning and unbanning people, then the trolls will multiply like rabbits and will not take this site seriously.

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I am truly for all the harassment that you have received from people on this site, I really am.
You slave on your computer for hours in order to make flash games for us without any even though you know that you wont make any money from them. You have my thanks.
You pay to keep this website up and running properly(As a man who used to have his own website for 2 years until he shut it down I must commend you even more so as it is no easy task) despite the fact that you have repeatedly mentioned that various users have ruined it for you. You have my thanks.You deserve more appreciation for what you have done for us. And I want you to know that no matter what you still have supporters that are here for you.
(For some reason I wasn't able to send this to you as a PM)

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Sudeo, you'll definitely regret unbanning francy.
You'll definitely regret unbanned sephy.
You'll definitely regret unbanning heivy.
You'll definitely regret unbanning refy.
You'll definitely regret unbanning raty.
And you'll definitely regret unbanning draky.

So don't do something you'll end up regretting.

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anakin123 19 Belgium MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 459 282C
(There will truly be no sarcasm in this post)
Sadly, he will most likely regret unbanning anyone, since he banned them for a reason, so, you're probably right.

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To comment on your previous blog, I believe that people in general think more positively about people they can relate to. That'd highly explain why you're generally rated lower than the people that I'd describe as annoying, and you'd describe as intolerable.

Now on to the bans.
I fully support all decisions you make. First off, this IS your site, as you're well aware of. Most people in the world, sadly enough, can't understand you. This however is your community. So shouldn't it be a place you can be comfortable in? I actually am getting somewhat upset by the fact you have to go through the trouble of making all of these posts and sites to handle your issues with all of these people. I mean, I suppose 2 sites would be fine, but if that's the case this site just goes way too off topic. Keep this site for your games, and have your other site for yourself. I just don't think the two really needs to associate themselves so much. Don't you think it's a bother, a stressful situation to have to deal with all of this? If I were you, with your 'issues', with your thoughts, I'd rather just set some strict Mods on this site that you trust to manage and ban people, then just use this site to talk about and manage your games. Then you could keep yourself to your calm helpful 'other' site. Though I understand that this site would still need management, but it just seems like you put forth so much effort, not for yourself but for this community... And you just seem to hurt yourself through it... I don't really seem to understand why? Blagh, I'd be so stressed if I lived your life.
Well, that's just a rant, don't think about it too much. Blagh.

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Altemeus 30 United States PhlegmaticCholeric INTP 9w1 166C
The thing is, no one is going to have the same experiences as you did with these members, Pseudo, and it's very unlikely half of users will share similar thoughts as you do, either, because you are the head honcho. No one is going to bug me to the degree that anyone bugs you, so it simply won't be with the popular opinion that some bans were perfectly well-deserved. There are too many forum topics, too many hours in the day on Chat, and too many other modes of disturbing your peace without harming anyone else. Looking back, I can see some of the posts on the forums that may have been fuel for banning, but without personally searching for it, I'm likely not going to deem it a necessary ban stronger than his close friend deems it unnecessary, hence these discussions leaning toward oppression.

Should these folks be unbanned? I don't know. I still only have shades of the full evidence. However, I trust that your gut feeling was probably warranted in some way, and while you feel they were justified, maybe you can make a case for justifying reversing the bans. Not that it will be easy, of course, but I think there should be some method of lesser punishment below the permaban. If every misstep initiates the death penalty, there will be either a lot of room for gray area that annoys others, or a lot of area for acts that will entail execution. Shouldn't the time match the crime?

This is not to say that all people should be allowed back in at some point. Some bans are very rightly deserved, as it feels like anyone who would trounce in your personal areas would rightly fit in that category. However, maybe some can be more of a wake-up call, not a permanent death sentence?

Or, in short, pretty much what M β SilverShoelaces said. Didn't catch that before the reply.

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Actually, since it's your site, I'm a strong believer a Site Administrator banning people for whatever reasons they want. And I think I've said this somewhere before, but anyone hacking/exploiting both your site and your games should get an instant permaban.

The community reaction towards you is very odd. In the BAN post, everyone is leaping to their defense, but in this post where you say should I UNBAN them, the general reaction is "Um, don't unban them, but I'm happy I made you regret your actions"? This is nonsensical.

Perhaps the only thing that could have been handled better could have been if reasons were given when those users were banned. The unknown aspect probably spooked a bunch of people. Even if the reason was just "I banned them because they bore me, and today is a Thursday", there would have been less whiteknighting of banned users.

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Mhph in other pages that I saw moderators/creators doesnt try to solve that kind of BAN QUESTION ban is unquestionable. I thaught Psuedo cares.about his well being only but looks like that isnt true. But here babs ar
being tried to resolve find compromise ant stuff.

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I don't know what should be done about these bans. From previous experience in this site's history, it seems like most of these people are going to remain exiled. Either way, I just hope that healing comes of it, both for the community and for Pseudo.

It seems apparent to me that talking about and reviewing these bans is allowing past trolls and griefers to demonstrate their destructive behaviours even further, so I hope this becomes history soon, and that we all move on as a community. These people are now gone, so let's learn from this, and look for ways to be more progressive and supportive of the site's goals. What are those goals? Well, maybe that's a topic for another post.

Personally, I miss the frequent postings of art, music, and game development. It's what has helped inspire me at various points in my life, and I don't want one person's victim complex, one person's inferiority complex, or one person's abrasive, immodest nature to end the long-standing admiration and emotional connection I've built with Pseudo's work.

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Zaknafein 23 United States CholericPhlegmatic INTP 9w1 56C
Welp, I officially now have no idea what is going on in this community anymore. I feel like I've seen these names before, but only in dreams or memories that refuse to come to the surface... did I talk to these people once? Did I know them? !!  SaviorSephiroth seems familiar but now is so strange, and I think on the old site !!  Pixeldragon and I exchanged some words... but all that's out of focus and surreal and nothing's the same. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have no idea if you should unban these people or not.