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Weekly Update!!!!

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Yes, this is a WEEKLY UPDATE, which I write every week without fail.

I've been playing Pokemon X recently! I finished it about a week ago, but it's rekindled my desire to work on Miasmon again.

Miasmon's actually been half-finished for a while now... Or rather, the current version of it has. I've been working on it for literally years now, which is annoying, and it's gone through two entirely different versions. There's the first, pixelated, top-down one with characters like Zaffre and Cerise and Francis Marmalade and so on, but I abandoned that one because it was getting impractical. The other, newer version started as 'Programon'; it includes side-scrolling travel between places, a customisable player avatar, and a world that expands through frequent updates rather than being released all at once as some kind of Finished Game. That's the one I'm working on now.

I've been struggling to decide on a STYLE for it for a long time now, which is the main reason I'd been putting it off. I think I've decided now though, and I've been drawing some monsters in the style that I'm going to use. Behold!!

You may remember some of those designs from a while back, while others are new! I'm particularly fond of Coconoct and its evolutionary relatives myself.

To add the graphics to the game, I'm likely going to just trace over these and do them as vectors in Flash. So what you're seeing here is how the final graphics will look. Yes.

I've been really indecisive about what to actually do in regards to mechanics, though. One of the things that I like most about Pokemon is the TYPES that each Pokemon can have. It excites me when I see unusual type combinations, and I really like the idea of moves having types and gyms being based on those types, too. It's such a simple and elegant system. I don't want to copy it directly though, so I've been experimenting with variations.

I do want to have types of SOME sort... In the original, pixelated version of Miasmon, I had maybe sixteen types, and each monster had one or two of them, like Pokemon do. Moves had elements, though - fire, water, air, earth, light, dark, fig, aether, or physical - and each type had a set of weaknesses and resistances to these elements. The undead type was weak against fire and light but resistant to dark and fig, for example.

Since Miasmon will be set in the Alora Fane world, though, I want to use the six sentiments that I've come up with. You know, courage, fear, bliss, destruction, creation and sorrow. I'm fond of those, and it fits with the idea that monsters are emotions made manifest.

Each monster will have a sentiment, but it seems limited that way, so I've also added 'body types', which are more like Bestial or Avian or whatever. Similar to the types that I had in the original pixelated version. As such, each monster has THREE types in total; a sentiment, and one or two body types. Coconoct up there is Fear/Plantoid/Undead, for example.

This makes weaknesses and resistances tricky. I've already got a cyclic set of relationships sorted out for the sentiments... It looks like this:

Each sentiment is strong against the one clockwisely adjacent to it, and weak against the one anticlockwise. So Courage beats Fear but is beaten by Sorrow, and so on.

There are twelve body types, and I've tried to set them up in a cycle too... I have two rather different possibilities so far:

The Undead type is called Nightmare there, as that was its old name.
The way this one would work is that each type would be SUPER EFFECTIVE against the TWO next to it in a clockwise direction. It'd do reduced damage to the one directly anticlockwise, and it'd do zero damage to the one two spaces anticlockwise.
So, for example, Warrior would do double damage to Bestial and Avian, half damage to Draconic, and no damage at all to Golem.

Some of the matchups were odd, though, and I didn't like how types would do normal damage to most other types... so I tried to redo it:

In this one, each type is strong against the THREE clockwise of it, weak against the two anticlockwise, and utterly ineffective against the one three spaces anticlockwise.
For example, Warrior here deals double damage to Undead, Draconic, and Bestial types, half to Golem and Arcane, and none to Amorphous.

And how does this work with sentiments? I'm not entirely sure yet. What seems like the most likely way of going about it would be to divide all moves into physical and magical attacks, like most games do, and physical attacks would use the body types while magic would use the sentiments. So you might have a skill like Scratch, which is Bestial, as well as another called Rage, which is a fiery Courage spell. Or something.

You may be curious about what these types actually mean, or what they'd be used for, so I'll explain:

WARRIOR would be knights and such. Weapons and armour. Primary warrior types would mostly be humanoid, though monsters with Warrior as a secondary type might be armoured or they might have weapons or weapon-like appendages or whatever.
UNDEAD is used for, well, undead, but also dark/ghost/evil sorts of things, possibly.
DRACONIC is used for dragons, but also for dinosaurs and lizards. A snake and a lizardman might be draconic even if they aren't dragons as such. Reptiles, basically!
BESTIAL is mostly used for 'beasts'; mammals, mostly.
AVIAN is birds and bird-like things. Unlike Pokemon's Flying type, it'd explicitly hint at feathery designs with beaks and talons and such.
PLANTOID is similar to Grass from Pokemon.
PISCINE is used for monsters shaped like fish or dolphins or whales or mermaids or other sea creatures.
INSECTOID is insects, of course.
SPRITE is basically like the new Fairy type in Pokemon, though I came up with it long before I knew that Pokemon was going to add such a type!
AMORPHOUS basically just means 'without a fixed physical form'. It could be used for things like slimes, ghosts, monsters made of liquid or gas or plasma, etc.
ARCANE is similar to Psychic, though it's also like 'wizard' or 'magic' or something like that. While sentiments are used for magic, this 'body type' hints at mage-like or supernatural creature designs.
GOLEM is used for monsters that have bodies made of inorganic materials. It's similar to Rock and Steel from Pokemon, though it can apply to a wider range of creatures.

So there you go! Now you know.

I'm currently working on this game, then, trying to sort out things and make decisions and such, as well as designing monsters. I thought it'd be wise to use this motivation while I have it.

I'm still also working on 'DreamQuest', which I'm likely going to call 'Alora Fane: Creation' instead, for various reasons. Did I mention that already? I can't remember. What I want to do before I can release it is to make a full 'official plot' for it, both to show what it's capable of and to make it appealing to people who aren't interested in making their own adventures... I think I talked about this last time. I've got most of the plot sorted out, but I'm lacking the inspiration to fill in several holes, so taking a break will probably be good.

I've also been spending a lot of time working on some personality website thing!! I bet everyone's totally interested in that. It's because apparently more than half of the money that my website generates is coming from the temperaments mini-site thing, which I feel is outdated. My new site talks about all the personality stuff I've learned over the years, and it's fun for me to write and probably profitable in the long run! I won't link to it yet though because it's not done.

I'm also still at university. Gasp. I've yet to settle in socially or find a group of friends, and maybe that won't happen at all, which will be disappointing... My problem isn't that I can't approach people, but that I've yet to find the kinds of people I'd like to approach. The Game Art course doesn't exactly seem to attract shy, sensitive, emotional people. I've probably talked about all this before too.

So yes. That's what I'm doing. I'll get back to drawing monsters now, I think!

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Wow, this looks really interesting. I especially like the triple pun regarding the "Sporc". I'm curious about something: what's that whole "Quirky" thing about in the middle of the second body type graph? Is it a "thirteenth" body type, or something else? I apologize, by the way, if you already stated this in the actual post itself, and i simply did not see it. My eyes tend to play tricks on me from time to time.

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I have never been a fan of pokemon games, but this is something that I cannot wait to see. I can see some very interesting strategies since their is essentially two different levels on types. The first being the more complicated body types, and the second being the simpler but more general sentiments. I can see where people might say the systems you have presented here are bland, but there are huge possibilities with having a "layered-system" for damage. I see you have a base here, and I cannot wait to see where you take the idea. Though I would like to know. Will the player character be an actual participant in battle, or will it be like pokemon with the characters just standing on the sidelines?

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One thing I loved about Pokemon was the randomness of the types, and how each one had its own unique benefits and penalties. You could take steel type and be practically immune to over half the move types in the game, but the three most common demolish you. Electric has practically no weak points, but is equally limited in the fact that it has few types which it damages well. Certain types have a lot more damaging moves, but are given drawbacks of a lot of weaknesses, or not many super-effective uses. It got even more fun when you combined a couple unlikely options, giving Dark/Ghost Pokemon who had no weaknesses but don't have good stats as a penalty, sometimes you'd get a Pokemon with amazing stats, then realize after a few battles that he'll never survive ten seconds because he is weak to nearly everyone.

With the rotation offered for this game, though, I feel like the combinations might get a little bland. I don't know what moves would be offered, and I know a magnificent job will be done balancing everything and giving each creature an advantage, but I might miss that uniqueness every type got. Then again, I can't possibly predict what it will be like to fight with two types AND a temperance, so I could just be making predictions of doom and gloom because I haven't seen how great it will be yet. Looking forward to whatever is chosen, because I know that psuedo will do an amazing job.

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Swordoath 19 United States CholericPhlegmatic INFP 4w5 128C
I like the slightly cartoon-ish art style you used. It's fun and for some reason reminds me of paper Mario.
Also, I will have Heirubeus. He reminds me of a Dragon Fly.

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I am glad you have returned to the Miasmon project and am exited to see the finished product. But I have some constructive criticism for you

You only work on projects you feel inspired about, and this is fine for a hobby site. but if you wish to ever make games professionally than this would get you fired in less than a week. professional flash games are a real business, just look at Artix (∞ LINK ∞ but they require much more dedication than you have put in to you games.

At Artix they up date there games weekly, here you update you blog weekly.

your games are programmed well, your story lines are great, your art if fine, but your work ethic needs work.

All that said, you are doing great for a hobby site run by one person.

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edit the link to Artix messed up so here is a better one

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The link can be fixed by moving the parenthesis

([a href=""]LINK[/a])

but with tiangular barackets becomes (∞ LINK ∞)

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there is no edit post button here, so i can't check if the link works till it's to late.

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Yes there is, if the post is recent you can click it to edit.
Run Zefir Run

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Barkuda, Duscuvuy and Celestyke looks fantastic !!!
Good work Mr. Pseudo.

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I have always been a huge fan of the Pokémon series, as well as being a fan of your games. Thus, the ideas that you introduced in this post were really exciting to me, and I must admit that I had a strong power-nerd reaction to reading it. Between the description of the game (which sounds like an amazing system, by the way) and the previews of the evolutionary chains of some of the monsters, I am confident that this will be a great game and a huge success! Keep up the good work!

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Raligon 24 United States SanguinePhlegmatic ENTP 792 240C
Hello Psuedo. I don't know if you remember me. I'm a rather old Fig, but we were never close nor was I ever super active. This probably isn't the best place to put this, but I'm putting it here anyway.

Firstly, I just wanted to say I'm evidence of the many lurker-admirers of you in general. There are probably many, many, many people like myself that rarely comment, but wish you the best and still follow your pursuits. I just wanted to say that, at least for me, this is because I truly believe in you. You are one of the most creative, intelligent, and hard-working content-creators that I know of. You are truly a role model for me (as a person, not as a flash game designer or something like that), and, even though we'll almost certainly never meet, you have really impacted my life for the better. Even though you sometimes have problems with release dates and finishing your projects, you have honestly completely made up for it by only ever releasing truly high-quality works. This is particularly impressive considering that you work in the genre of flash games where developers often don't put in anywhere near the kind of effort and polish that you put into your games. It's also incredible that you do so much since you really don't make anywhere near enough money to balance the amount of effort you put into your work. I guess I'm trying to say that I think you're authentic and that, even though you aren't perfect, you're actually really good at everything you've done. As you know (and I hope mentioning these flaws doesn't hurt you), you struggle with compulsive perfectionism, but I really believe that it makes you a better content-creator. Your work has shown that, at least on occasion, you manage to harness your flaw of being so hard on yourself to create something that is on a very different level than anything around it. The intense quality of your games has completely spoiled flash games for many of us, but we thank you for our much greater taste and much higher expectations for what can be done through this medium.

Secondly, you're probably aware of this already, but I just wanted to let you know. For a long time now, your site has had graphical problems with Chrome (at least on my machine). The home page specifically had problems. I wanted to let you know that, either purposefully or on accident, something you did fixed this. It now displays perfectly.

Thirdly, these, like most things you post in your blog posts, are done quite well. For personal reasons, I'd absolutely love to see a Psuedolonewolf quality Pokemon-esque game. I think you'd knock it out of the park if you create something that fits your standards. All of the art is great, and I think the body-type/temperament system could be extremely neat and successful.

Finally, I have some final hopefully positively received comments for you personally. I hope you have a good experience in your University. I know you've heard this many, many, many times, but lots of people like yourself truly "find" themselves in University. And there really are people like yourself out there that you can relate to and have a good relationship with. I hope you find them. I also hope you manage to find a way to better support yourself while remaining true to your ideals and that you have a good life and all that. I hope this post is beneficial to you. I, and many others, will continue to watch and (mostly) quietly be in support of you and your endeavors.

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You took the words out of my mouth:)

I'm a Pusedo lurker-admirer just like you and I also wish to meet him, though it will probably never happen.
Psuedo have such a twisted life, but I know he will find happiness in the end.
His games and the Mardek series helped me come across difficult times, and it was just an amazing journey for me.
I laughed, cried, loved and ached along with the characters.

I try to occasionally comment on posts because I want to make him feel better but I think he haven't really read any of my comments yet.
You see, I'm a 16 years old teen:) which basically means he is quite afraid of me, haha! even though I'm not even that tall.

But really, he have some-what of an androphobia(which he talked about in another site which is like his life-blog, I comment there more:) ) and teens have a really bad image, unfortunately, in his mind.
I wrote him several times but I think I messed up the email and maybe he just haven't got the chance to read it yet:)

My point is, like you I really want to support and help him and while I might not get to meet him in person, which is a little dream of mine, I just want to help him in anyway I can:)
Maybe I won't get that via comment, but hey, who knows!
Maybe your comments too wont get to him, but be sure it has an impact one way or another:)
Even if he doesn't read your comment, eventually be sure it helps him get through a lot of things. Directly or not:)

I just hope he'll realize how much he have influenced the lives of others for the good.
Your comment was awesome! You seem awesome!

Tally-ho my friend! :)
Ninja Pebble

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Ninja Pebble 28 United States INTP 5w6 1C
I 2nd all your points. I have always been coming back to the Fig site since MARDEK 2 around 2008 I am sure that is when I found out about it, but every time I do I want to see how much Pseudo has done and although I know it's not fully done it gets me pumped up for his next work.
Sir Vitor

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Really impressive, Pseudo.It's good to see you chanelling your feelings and creativity to good things.
I must say, the idea of a feelings circle in a battle system of vulnerabilities and immunities is very impressive. Never heard about something like that before.
Synalon Etuul

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Runeagle is so pretty! Your creativity knows no bounds.